Happy Valentine’s Day! Check Out our Most-Loved Blog Posts

Happy Valentine’s Day! Check Out our Most-Loved Blog Posts

Valentine’s Day is all about love (and chocolate). To celebrate, we’ve put together the master list of the Wet & Forget Blog posts you’ve loved the most.

We looked through our posts about gardening, home improvement, Wet & Forget Outdoor, Wet & Forget Shower, Wet & Forget Indoor, and around the home, and found the 5 most-loved posts in each category.

Read on to find out which post was the most popular of all!


  1. These 5 Delicious Edible Flowers Add Beautiful Flavor to Your Garden
  2. 8 Plants that Attract Butterflies and Hummingbirds
  3. 4 Super Ways to Attract Butterflies: Let Nature Beautify Your Garden
  4. Build a Vertical Garden and Turn a Small Space into a Big Harvest
  5. Yum! 5 Scrumptious Herbs You Can Grow Indoors this Winter, AND Plant these 5 Annual Flowers this Fall and Enjoy a Beautiful Spring

Home Improvement

  1. Discover 5 Things You Can Do to Help Your Furnace Keep You Cozy
  2. Beat the Heat with these Essential Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips
  3. Key Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Asphalt or Concrete Driveway Mighty
  4. 4 Keys of Perfect Patio Design for Beautiful, Blissful Outdoor Living
  5. 5 Key Ways to Winterize Your Home

Wet & Forget Outdoor

  1. 3 Ways to Jump Start Spring Cleaning with Wet & Forget Outdoor
  2. 6 Reasons to Clean Your Roof with Wet & Forget Outdoor this Spring
  3. Want a Clean Deck? Wet & Forget is Your Answer. No Elbow Grease Needed!
  4. 4 Reasons Wet & Forget Outdoor is the Perfect Vinyl Siding Cleaner
  5. How Wet & Forget Outdoor Annihilates Stains on Patios and Pavers

Wet & Forget Shower

  1. Pamper Your Nose with Wet & Forget Shower’s Vanilla Breeze
  2. 4 Ways Wet & Forget Shower will Make Your Life Easier
  3. Make Your Shower Doors Gleam with Wet & Forget No-Scrub Shower Cleaner
  4. Got Soap Scum? Wet & Forget Shower to the Rescue!
  5. Sensitive to Smells? Try Wet & Forget Shower’s Subtle Scent

Wet & Forget Indoor

  1. The Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Mold in Your Home
  2. 5 Ways Wet & Forget Indoor Leaves Bleach Behind & Leaves You Smiling
  3. Defeat Basement Mold and Mildew NOW with Wet & Forget Indoor
  4. It’s Here! Wet & Forget Indoor Zaps Mold and Mildew INSIDE Your Home
  5. Discover 5 Key Zones Where Wet & Forget Indoor Defeats Mold and Mildew

Around Your Home

  1. 7 Natural Mosquito Repellants to Stay Safe and Happy Outdoors
  2. Ragweed Alert! How to Survive 2013’s Supercharged Fall Allergy Season
  3. Yum! These Amazing Hot Wing Recipes will Leave You Craving More
  4. How to Preserve Summer’s Flavors and Enjoy them All Year
  5. Summer’s 4 Most Vicious Outdoor Pests, and Tricks for Beating Them

And the Most-Loved Post of all is…

7 Natural Mosquito Repellants to Stay Safe and Happy Outdoors

No love at all for mosquitoes!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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