Got Soap Scum? Wet & Forget Shower to the Rescue!

remove soap scum in shower

Soap scum is the worst. This stubborn stain invades every surface in your shower, leaving your shower doors cloudy and your fiberglass rough-textured and dull.

Worse yet, soap scum grabs onto your shower and doesn’t let go, leaving you scrubbing until your shoulders ache and you’re ready to scream with frustration. You might even turn to harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia, which sting your eyes and nose and can damage some surfaces.

Don’t throw in the towel! Wet & Forget Shower wipes out stubborn soap scum with no scrubbing needed. Its gentle formula cleans your shower safely, and doesn’t punish your nose.

From now on, you whistle, while we work! Read on to find out how.

The Enemy: Stubborn Soap Scum

travertine soap scum
A shower with no soap would be a pretty useless endeavor. But whether you use bar soap, shower gel or another body cleanser, the same cleanser that is good to your skin can be one of your shower’s worst enemies.

Every time you shower, a thin film of soap scum attaches to every surface in your shower that water touches. Before you know it, that thin film builds up into a cloudy, rough-textured, disgusting mess.

Disgusting soap scum is also one of the most difficult stains to remove. Once soap scum has invaded your shower, it takes seemingly endless scrubbing to get back to that sparkling, squeaky-clean shower that is the end goal for all your hard work.

Defeat Soap Scum with Wet & Forget Shower

Here at Wet & Forget, we make products that work hard, so you won’t have to. The moment you spray Wet & Forget Shower on your bathtub, shower enclosure and other surfaces, its special dual surfactant formula gets to work breaking down shower grime.

The first surfactant loosens and dissolves dreaded soap scum, while the second attacks grime and body oils. Wet & Forget Shower also cleans mold and mildew stains, leaving you with a brilliantly clean shower.

Not only does Wet & Forget Shower get your shower brilliantly clean–it also gives you a much-needed break. Wet & Forget Shower makes your shower sparkle with no elbow grease needed.

No scrubbing, no bleach, and no ammonia… just clean! And unlike most no-scrub shower sprays, which expect you to spray your shower every single day, Wet & Forget Shower keeps your shower shining with just one simple application per week.

Our gentle formula won’t bleach out your shower curtain or corrode your fixtures, and Wet & Forget Shower’s subtle vanilla essence scent smells more like an aromatherapy candle than a bathroom cleaner.

Not Just for Shower Enclosures…

Wet & Forget Shower also safely breaks down soap scum, grime, oils, and mold and mildew stains on other bathroom surfaces, including:

  • Tubs
  • Sinks
  • Fiberglass
  • Porcelain
  • Bath mats
  • Shower curtain liners
  • Glass blocks
  • Tiles
  • Fixtures

Wet & Forget Shower is also an excellent grout cleaner! No wonder it was recently featured on the Today Show.

Zapping Soap Scum Couldn’t Be Easier

Here’s how to defeat soap scum, body oils, grime, and mold and mildew stains with Wet & Forget Shower:

  1. After the last shower of the day, spray your shower’s surfaces with Wet & Forget Shower. Our award-winning high-efficiency sprayer makes this step a breeze!
  2. Walk away, and let Wet & Forget Shower dissolve stubborn soap scum while you sleep.
  3. Rinse the shower before the next use.
  4. Repeat weekly to keep your shower sparkling-clean.

*As with any shower cleaner, test Wet & Forget Shower on an inconspicuous area before using it for the first time. Do not use Wet & Forget shower on natural marble.

Try Wet & Forget Shower today, and say goodbye to soap scum! Stop by our website to learn more about our easy solutions to everyday problems, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying life!


    1. Hi Jack,

      Wet & Forget Shower is for easily removing soap scum, grime, body oil, and mold & mildew in your shower. It’s a once a week application with no scrubbing for a sparkling clean shower.

      Wet & Forget Indoor is for disinfecting and killing indoor mold and mildew. It’s a spray and wipe formula though you can also let the product air dry. For best results, spray on and let the product sit for 10 minutes, then simply wipe clean.

  1. Is Wet and Forget Shower safe on septic tanks; either when it is wet or dried and then rinsed after use in the shower?

    1. Hi Marilyn,

      Wet & Forget Shower is safe to use if you have a septic tank. For best results just apply Wet & Forget Shower after the last shower of the day and spray down all your shower surfaces. Leave it and the next day just rinse all the areas with water and that’s it.

    1. Hi Sam,
      Wet & Forget Shower is going to shine up metal and chrome shower surfaces. After spraying the soap scum and grime, rinse your shower down with water to reveal a sparkling and shining shower frame.

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