Most Frequently Forgotten Shower Surfaces to Clean

Most Frequently Forgotten Shower Surfaces to Clean

There are many parts of your shower where soap scum and shower grime can hide.  Using Wet & Forget Shower can make it easy to keep these surfaces squeaky clean by simply spraying all your shower surfaces down each week and rinsing cleaning.

To ensure your entire shower is clean check out our list of the most frequently forgotten shower surfaces to clean.

Shower Base

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Shower floor cleaner


For many, getting the shower base clean and keeping it clean is an ongoing struggle. Soap scum, body oils, and everyday shower grime can quickly buildup on the rough, non-slip textures found on a shower base.

You’ve likely noticed the base of your shower not only stops slipping,  it also stops quite a bit of shower grime from making it to the drain leaving you with an ugly brown discoloration on the bottom of your shower floor. For many getting the buildup out of the rough textured floor and then keeping it clean has been an impossible task.

Wet & Forget Shower will eliminate this once annoying problem with each weekly use. You may need to use Wet & Forget Shower a few days in a row if you have a major buildup, then move to the weekly routine once the base is completely clean.

You can also assist or speed up the removal by giving it a light scrub. Once clean you’ll never have to scrub again, simply start your weekly use of Wet & Forget Shower!

Just be sure to rinse the shower base before getting into the shower as it can be slippery until rinsed clean.

Shower Curtain/Liner


Shower curtains are easy to forget because they aren’t a permanent part of the shower. But you don’t want to ignore the shower curtain or liner as it is a magnet for shampoo, cream rinse and bath soap and rapidly buildup shower grime from daily use.

To avoid soap scum or shower grime accumulation, spray your liner weekly with Wet & Forget Shower to keep it looking new.

Soap Bar Ledge

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This tiny part of your shower can easily be skipped when going about your weekly cleaning. The soap sitting on the ledge seems to melt as the water hits and runs down the underneath of the tray and down the walls like molten lava coating everything in its path.

Simply spray the surface of the soap bar ledge (including underneath the ledge) with Wet & Forget Shower weekly will eliminate soap scum and keep it from coming back.

Shower Doors

clean shower door soap scum

Even though you enter and exit through the shower door, you likely don’t notice the glass is getting cloudier day-by-day until you get to the point you can’t see through it. Simply spraying the door (and handles!) down can remove all of the grime building up on the surface so they look like the glass doors in the photo above.

All those forgotten or hard-to-clean surfaces, including shower glass, are no match for Wet & Forget Shower. Simply spray them today, and rinse clean tomorrow!

Keeping your shower sparkling clean and free of shower grime is easy to accomplish with Wet & Forget Shower the gentle, bleach-free, and ammonia-free solution to shower cleaning. Cleaning all of the most commonly forgotten spots will also guarantee that all parts of your shower shine to your liking.

When using our product just spray once weekly and rinse clean to easily eliminate and prevent all of the soap scum, shower grime, and residue that like to stick around in your shower.  And did we mention it has a nice soft vanilla scent?

(Photo courtesy of Clinton & Charles Robertson)