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Got Soap Scum? Wet & Forget Shower to the Rescue!

Soap scum is the worst. This stubborn stain invades every surface in your shower, leaving your shower doors cloudy and your fiberglass rough-textured and dull. Worse yet, soap scum grabs onto your shower and doesn’t let go, leaving you scrubbing until your shoulders ache and you’re ready to scream with frustration. You might even turn to harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia, which sting your eyes and nose and can damage some surfaces. Don’t […]

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Grout Cleaning Just Got Easy! Wet & Forget Shower = No More Scrubbing

Few things are a bigger pain in the neck than cleaning grout. Crawling around in your shower with a bottle of shower cleaner and an old toothbrush and scrubbing inside each little crevice is enough to make you wish people still bathed in the river. And putting the job off, while tempting, just allows soap scum and grime to build up even more, making your work even harder. Break free from this bathroom drudgery! Wet […]

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