Yum! These Amazing Hot Wing Recipes will Leave you Craving More

Yum! These Amazing Hot Wing Recipes will Leave you Craving More

The Big Game and hot wings are a match made in heaven. Whether you’re a purist who loves nothing more than a piping-hot plate of classic Buffalo wings, an adventurer who reaches for Sriracha or fresh ginger, or whether you crave a sweet-spicy combo like maple-chipotle wings, these hot wings are the perfect can’t-leave-out addition to your party menu.

These hot wing recipes will leave your friends and family begging for more. They’re perfect for football weekend, the Fourth of July, or just a Friday night at home. Bon appétit!

The Classics

best buffalo wing recipe

Buffalo Wings

This recipe from Slate Magazine takes the classic Buffalo sauce recipe and pours it over crispy oven-roasted wings. The roasting process caramelizes the skins and gives them just the right crispiness and flavor. Brush the sauce on right before serving for maximum perfection.

Classic Hot Wings

These easy-to-make wings from Chef Marcia Kiesel get their classic kick from your favorite hot pepper sauce, and kick things up a notch with some Balsamic vinegar for a sweet-tart flavor.

Classic Pepper and Salt

These wings by Chef Marcia Kiesel get their complex heat from both black and white pepper, and course kosher salt rounds out the flavor. These easy-to-make wings go wonderfully with celery sticks dipped in lemon cream.

Jamaican Jerk Hot Wings

Jamaica knows how to do spicy, and fiery Jamaican jerk sauce is fast becoming a classic here in the States. Here is Chef Grace Parisi’s take on this famous Jamaican flavor.

New Twists on Delicious

Crunchy Almond-Crusted Wings with Lemon Aioli

These one-of-a-kind wings from Chef Andy Nusser start with a spicy, garlicky flavor, add sweet paprika, and roll it all up in the delightful crunchiness of course-chopped almonds. The super-simple lemon aioli adds a finishing burst of flavor for dipping.

Chicken Wings with Fiery Angry Sauce

The sauce may be angry, but your guests will be anything but when you serve this scrumptious recipe from Wing Wings Restaurant’s Lisa Shin. The Korean-inspired sauce is spicy, a little tart, and a little sweet. All of the flavors come together to form a uniquely mouth-watering experience.

Spicy Sriracha Wings

Spicy Thai Sriracha sauce practically has a cult following these days among hot sauce lovers. Sriracha combines supercharged spiciness with a deep, delicious flavor that makes you come back for more. This recipe from Chef Michael Symon combines fiery Thai Sriracha with Mexican-inspired cumin, cilantro and lime to produce a flavor that you’d gladly cross the ocean for.

One-Pot Sticky Chicken Wings

Chef Andrew Zimmern got his inspiration for these wings during a trip to Malaysia. These wonderful one-pot wings combine sweet, sticky, salty and spicy that will have you licking the sauce off your fingers.

Fiery Sriracha Hot Wings

This recipe from Ben Schneider and Sohui Kim of The Good Fork Restaurant in Brooklyn takes basic hot wings and adds an Asian twist with Thai Srirachi sauce and Asian sambal oelek chile sauce. They’re super-hot, so sour cream with a kick of rice vinegar is a flavorful way to put out the flames.

Thai Green Curry Hot Wings

These Asian-inspired wings from Chef Grace Parisi use green hot sauce and Thai green curry paste to turn up the heat. Cilantro and fish sauce add a little complexity to the spicy Asian flavor.

Sweet, Spicy and Sticky

honey chipotle wings recipe

Sweet and Sticky Hot Wings

These wings from Chef Grace Parisi combine the spiciness of hot pepper sauce, garlic and paprika, with the sticky sweetness of hot pepper jelly. Enough said!

Lampe’s Wings with Sweet and Spicy Pantry Sauce

These wings from national barbecue champion Ray Lampe take a classic tomato-mustard-brown sugar barbecue sauce, add soy sauce for a salty kick, and finish up on the grill for a crispy, spicy, sweet and sticky delight.

Honey Chile Wings

Chile and honey are a perfect combination on wings (see photo above). Check out how Chef Tim Wood of Carmel Valley Ranch adds rice vinegar and soy sauce for a sweet, sticky, spicy, tart and salty sensation. Chef Wood broils or grills his wings to make them extra-crispy.

Maple Chipotle Wings

Chef Grace Parisi combines sweet, sticky maple syrup with spicy red hot sauce and chipotle peppers for a flavor combination you won’t want to miss!

Bonus: Healthy Onion Dip

best onion dip recipe

While saucy hot wings may be the centerpiece of your party menu, it doesn’t hurt to have a few lighter choices for your health-conscious guests. This French onion dip with caramelized onions and Greek yogurt, courtesy of The Kitchn’s Dana Velden, is a healthier choice that still tastes decadently delicious.

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