Happy Mother’s Day! Stop Scrubbing your Shower–You Deserve it!

Happy Mother’s Day! Stop Scrubbing your Shower–You Deserve it!

Mother’s Day is all about flowers, kind gestures like breakfast in bed, and spending time with your loved ones. But that old saying about a mother’s work never being done is spot on, and one of the worst parts of that work is scrubbing your shower.

More moms are writing to us every day to tell us how thrilled they are that Wet & Forget Shower has set them free from this dirty, time-consuming task, and we’re thrilled for them!

Read more to discover how to break free from scrubbing, and have more time to enjoy with your kids.

Put Down that Scrubber!

Cleaning the shower is one of those jobs that never ends. With a busy family life, it always feels like your shower is dirty again the moment you finish scrubbing it.

You’re always stuck in a frustrating cycle of scrubbing and re-scrubbing your shower, taking up far too much of your precious time. Most no-scrub shower cleaners aren’t much better, because they require you to spray your shower every single day.

Who wants to mess around with cleaning their shower every day?

Wet & Forget Shower sets you free from scrubbing, and from thinking about your shower every day. Just one treatment a week dissolves away soap scum, body oils and shower grime, and keeps them away.

Just spray and rinse, and your shower stays clean. It’s that simple!

Drop the Bleach and Ammonia!

Most shower cleaners, of both the “scrub” and “no-scrub” variety, contain harsh chemicals such as bleach and ammonia. Not only are these chemicals no fun to use–irritating your skin and nose and leaving unpleasant chemical smells behind–they can also pose a threat to your shower or fixtures.

Wet & Forget Shower’s gentle formula is safe to use on all your shower’s surfaces, including fiberglass, porcelain, glass, grout, fixtures, bath mats, and even shower curtain liners.* And Wet & Forget Shower goes easy on your nose, too: the subtle vanilla essence scent smells more like a sachet than a shower cleaner.

You don’t need harsh to get clean!

Less Time Cleaning = More Time with your Family

Breaking free from scrubbing your shower will allow you to spend more of your precious time doing the things you want to do, such as spending time with your family. Spring is the perfect time to introduce your kids to gardening, and low-maintenance marigolds are perfect flowers for the budding gardener.

You can also spend some quality time in the garden yourself, or spruce up your home’s look for spring. Whatever you choose to do with your time, Wet & Forget Shower will help you make sure that scrubbing your shower is nothing but a distant memory!

*As with any shower cleaner, test Wet & Forget Shower on an inconspicuous area before using it for the first time. Do not use Wet & Forget shower on natural marble.

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