3 Cool Ways to Spruce up Your Home This Spring

3 Cool Ways to Spruce up Your Home This Spring

Spring’s here, and the fresh air’s inspiring you to get moving and freshen up your life. While you’re waking up your garden and doing some spring cleaning, why not refresh your home?

Something as simple as a fresh paint job or a different floor cover can completely transform a room, and inject some much-needed energy into your environment after the long, cold winter.

Read on to discover 3 cool ways to freshen up your home this spring!

1. Stylish Room Makeovers

One easy way to spruce up your home is to choose one room and give it a makeover. A room makeover can start with something as simple as new curtains for your living room, or can be as extensive as hiring a contractor to completely re-do your kitchen or bathroom.

Tools such as patterned paint rollers (see photo above) can help you add stylish touches as you change things up. Click here for 4 easy DIY room makeovers, and click here to get some easy tips to help you handle your next DIY home improvement project like a pro.

2. Fresh New Countertops

Sick of the tired old laminate countertops in your kitchen? The countertop options available now are almost limitless, from vastly improved laminates to concrete, granite, tile, or even recycled glass.

Changing countertops will completely change the face of your kitchen while giving you a new work surface. And, because the kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in most homes, this change is guaranteed to freshen things up.

Click here to learn about 6 kitchen countertop options.

3. Fresh, Functional New Flooring

New flooring can transform both the appearance and function of any room. From elegant hardwood flooring in your family room to waterproof vinyl sheeting in your laundry room, the right flooring is a wonderful investment in your home.

Click here to learn about 4 inexpensive flooring options, and renew a room while still saving money for summer fun.

Have a wonderful spring!