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The Science Behind Wet & Forget’s Gentle Process

It’s pretty well known that Wet & Forget is an amazingly effective moss, mold and mildew stain remover that requires very little work on your part. But what you may not know is just how gentle Wet & Forget is on the surfaces you apply it on. Allow us to put on our chemistry hats and explain exactly why this non-caustic, non-acidic surface cleaner not only works. Plus, it works without damaging your surfaces. What […]

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Happy Mother’s Day! Stop Scrubbing your Shower–You Deserve it!

Mother’s Day is all about flowers, kind gestures like breakfast in bed, and spending time with your loved ones. But that old saying about a mother’s work never being done is spot on, and one of the worst parts of that work is scrubbing your shower. More moms are writing to us every day to tell us how thrilled they are that Wet & Forget Shower has set them free from this dirty, time-consuming task, […]

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3 Ways Wet & Forget Shower’s Gentle Strength Beats Other Cleaners

You’ve probably seen ads for daily shower sprays that promise to free you from scrubbing. The problem is that many of these no-scrub shower cleaners contain harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia. These caustic chemicals smell horrible and sting your eyes and nose while you’re using them. And some shower sprays are caustic enough to bleach your rugs or shower curtains, or even destroy your tub’s fixtures. The photo you see here shows what […]

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