See the Top 5 Ways Wet & Forget Outdoor Beats Bleach, Hands Down!

See the Top 5 Ways Wet & Forget Outdoor Beats Bleach, Hands Down!

If you’ve tried using bleach on outdoor stains, you’ve probably regretted it. Bleach is a real hassle to use, encourages moss, algae, lichen or mold and mildew to grow right back, and can even harm the surface you’re trying to clean.

Wet & Forget Outdoor eliminates even the toughest growths with no scrubbing, and keeps them clean for a year or more in most cases.

Read on to see the top 5 ways Wet & Forget Outdoor leaves bleach in the dust, and leaves you smiling!

Listen to this unsolicited testimonial from Dave L.- left on the Wet & Forget corporate voicemail:

1. Eliminates Scrubbing

You would think that bleach’s corrosive nature would help it eat away outdoor stains without you having to scrub and scrub. You would be wrong. Using bleach to clean outdoor stains usually means plenty of scrubbing on your part, as well as several rinsings.

This tiring, time-consuming process is a real pain, during which you’ll “enjoy” bleach’s eye-stinging odor and risk ruining your clothes.

And be prepared to repeat the whole process in a matter of weeks, because bleach leaves behind a food source for moss, algae, lichen, or mold and mildew therefore, it grows back almost from the moment you walk back into your home and comes back even thicker.

With Wet & Forget Outdoor, no elbow grease is necessary. Just spray and forget it! It really is that easy.

Wet & Forget Outdoor’s gentle formula works with the wind and rain over time to properly eliminate moss, black algae, green algae, lichen, and mold and mildew, and surfaces stay clean for a year or more in most cases. Eliminating outdoor stains couldn’t be easier!


2. Won’t Damage, Discolor, or Corrode Surfaces

Common household bleach has a pH of about 12 on a scale of 0-14, which makes it highly alkaline and caustic. This is why, if you add more than a small amount of bleach to a load of laundry, you risk ending up with holes in your clothes.

Bleach’s caustic nature means that it can also eat away at many outdoor surfaces. Cleaning your roof with bleach can cause your asphalt shingles to shed their protective granules or corrode your downspouts.

Cleaning outdoor awnings and umbrellas with bleach can leave them permanently discolored or filled with holes. Even certain paints, finishes or sealants can suffer immediate damage when exposed to bleach.

Wet & Forget Outdoor’s gentle formula is pH-neutral and non-caustic. Wet & Forget Outdoor is safe to use on all types of shingles, all types of decking, outdoor fabrics, driveways, concretebricks, rugs, and just about any other outdoor surface you can think of.

The stains need to worry–you don’t!


3. Won’t Speed up Wear and Tear

While some types of damage are dramatic and immediately visible, such as holes in your outdoor fabrics, other damage can be just as real but harder to notice until it’s too late. Cleaning certain surfaces such as paints and sealants with a caustic chemical like bleach can gradually eat away at the surface, speeding up wear and tear and making you have to re-paint or re-seal far sooner than you should have to.

This is especially true because you will have to clean the surface over and over again, because bleach doesn’t get to the root of growth, especially on porous surfaces.

Handling a caustic chemical like bleach always comes with at least a little trepidation. But when you’re applying Wet & Forget Outdoor’s gentle formula, you can relax!

Wet & Forget Outdoor won’t speed up wear and tear on your outdoor surfaces. You can even feel free to store Wet & Forget Outdoor in your pump-up garden sprayer for as long as you need to, because the gentle formula won’t harm the plastic bottle or rubber seals.

algae fence

4. Won’t Kill your Lawn

Not only is bleach a potential danger to the surfaces you’re trying to clean–it can also be a danger to your lawn. Bleach runoff can kill your grass and other plants and leave your lawn with “bald patches.”

Wet & Forget Outdoor’s gentle formula won’t kill your lawn, either from over-spray, or from runoff. Click here to read more about Wet & Forget Outdoor and plants.


5. Sets you free from the Cleaning Cycle

As if bleach weren’t enough of a hassle already, here is perhaps its worst feature: it bleaches the growth so it isn’t seen but it most likely still is on the surface. This means that, after all that scrubbing, rinsing and mess, the moss, algae, lichen, or mold and mildew you worked so hard to clean up can start growing right back again almost from the moment and will come back quicker and thicker than before.

This keeps you trapped in a vicious cleaning-and-re-cleaning cycle that you can’t seem to escape from, just like Eva, who battled green algae on the side of her porch steps with bleach and a scrub brush for over 35 years before she discovered Wet & Forget Outdoor.

Wet & Forget Outdoor helps you break free from the clean-and-re-clean cycle. First, it wipes out moss, lichen algae, and mold and mildew with no scrubbing or rinsing needed.

Since it has been properly cleaned, it keeps those ugly stains away for a year or more in most cases, leaving you free to spend your time enjoying your life, instead of cleaning.

All you have to do is spray once and forget about it! You have more important things to do!

moss on roof


  1. Diane Luther

    I would like to purchase this item. Please tell me where i can purchase This item.

    1. Wet And Forget

      Hi Diane, Wet & Forget is sold at many retailers. To find a nearby store, try using our store locator here: Store Locator

  2. Michael Reeves

    I have a metal roof with what appears to be a black algae or mold. When scrubbing to clean it takes a lot of work. When scrubbing to clean the water runs off red in color using several different cleaners at different times. It’s not the color of the cleaner it’s whatever is on the roof. What is your advice about Wet & Forget usage?

    1. Wet And Forget

      Hi Michael,
      To clean the black stains from your metal roof, simply apply a coat of Wet & Forget to the surface and leave it. You do not need to scrub or rinse as the wind and the rain will do this for you over time. I would avoid using multiple products that you need to scrub and go the Wet & Forget route.

  3. Me

    Is this product non toxic for dogs? Is the run off safe for them?

    1. Wet And Forget

      During the application of Wet & Forget, keep people and pets off the wet surface. After the application has fully dried, people and pets are fine to be back on the surface applied to.

      1. Paige

        After it has dried on the deck what happens when it rains does it cause the product to not be safe for dogs to walk on it again? In other words does it become reactivated?

        1. Wet And Forget

          Hi Paige,
          Wet & Forget does not become reactivated from the rain. After the application has fully dried, pets are fine to be back on the surface.

  4. Sten

    How long does it take to work? I applied at least a week ago, and there’s no discernible difference.

    1. Wet And Forget

      Wet & Forget will clean up green algae stains usually within a week if you get some nice rainfall. Darker stains and moss will take a bit longer, usually around a month or two. Stay in touch and let us know how your surface cleans up.

  5. bill

    how soon can apply stain to my wood deck after using wet&forget?

    1. Wet and Forget

      Wet & Forget is a gentle product that works with the outside elements (rain/wind) to remove the moss, mold, mildew, and algae stains. Once the surface is clean you can then paint/stain/seal your surface. Light green growths should clean up in a week or two. Thicker dark growths should clean up in 1-2 months.