Mother’s Day Gifts from the Garden: 6 Clever DIY Ideas for Containers

Mother’s Day Gifts from the Garden: 6 Clever DIY Ideas for Containers

Thinking about a gift for Mother’s Day? All moms love handmade gifts so why not craft a DIY garden container and pop in her favorite blooming plants?

See below for our curated list of clever DIY container gifts sure to delight a mother, daughter, or a special woman in your life.

Build-Your-Own Wooden Wheelbarrow: This handcrafted gardening project from My Outdoor Plans is made of wood, so it’s a bit more challenging to create, but it will enhance the beauty of Mom’s garden for years to come. If you’re handy with woodworking tools, this cute planter can be cut and assembled in a day (see photo above).

View the step-by-step project plans at My Outdoor Plans.

Repurposed Wood or Metal Toolbox Planter: This DIY planter from Flea Market Gardening is perfect for moms who are handy with a hammer or love repurposing treasured finds. Visit a local thrift shop or flea market to scout up a used toolbox.

Drill a few holes in the bottom of a wood or metal toolbox for drainage. Wood boxes will last longer if you line them with a plastic or rubber liner.

A used fishing tackle box would work well, too. Just remove the inner tray. This DIY container idea would make a great dad’s gift as well!

Framed succulents make a great Mother's Day gifts

Picture Frame Succulent Planter: This attractive wall planter from Roominate is perfect for a mom who loves modern or eclectic decor. Created with succulents, this planter is easy-care!

Visit a garden center and choose approximately 15 small succulents. Hens and chicks, Panda plant, Aloe, and Stonecrop work well.

You’ll begin by adding a wood backing piece and 1/2-inch wire mesh to the back of a frame. This planter also makes an attractive centerpiece for the dining table.

Little Red Wagon Planter: This darling red wagon planter from Garden Lover’s Club is sure to charm any mother or mom-to-be. And it easily rolls to a new spot to catch the sun or shade.

Shop vintage or junk stores for a small wagon to repurpose or buy a new one in the toy section.  You’ll begin by drilling several small holes in the bottom. Then add a layer of small gravel or pebbles for drainage.

Plant impatiens inside for a beautiful spring accent.

Wheelbarrow Strawberry Planter: Perfect for your favorite cook, or gardener this fun strawberry planter from Empress of Dirt transforms an old, rusty wheelbarrow and a humble wooden box into a strawberry patch any mom will love.

You start by spray-painting the metal underside in a pretty color and then lining the inside with a layer of 1/4″ hardware cloth and landscape fabric.

Tip: Choose a wheelbarrow with a rusty bottom – no need to drill holes!

Worn Chair Planter: Courtesy of My Repurposed Life, this vintage-inspired porch planter is created by reassembling, painting, and distressing a well-worn wooden chair. And then cutting a round hole in the seat to fit a planter inside.

Wood chairs that need a little love can be found at junk stores. Wouldn’t this chair planter look lovely with blooming zinnias? Bring an old chair back to life with this fun, DIY gardening gift.

What kinds of flowering plants grow best in containers?

Marigold look great in containers

What mother doesn’t love flowers? Now that you’ve created your container, you may be wondering what type of flowering greenery to add.

Here’s a selection of flowering annuals and perennials that grow well in containers:

Flowering Annuals: Fuchsia, Million-bells, Zinnia, Ageratum, Marigold, Nemesia, Heliotrope, and Black-Eyed Susan Vine.

Flowering Perennials: Chrysanthemum, Blanket Flower, Lavender, Penstemon, Festuca glauca, Daylilies, Hellebore, and Primrose.

Did you know? If you wish to add more than one plant type per container, make sure they are light compatible. For example, all types should be sun-loving or prefer shade, etc.

Need a gift idea for Mother's Day? Make one of these easy DIY planters!