When you’re not “Lichen” it: Zap That Lichen with Wet & Forget!

how to clean lichen

If you see a mysterious, scaly-looking growth on your deck, roof, paving stones or other outdoor surfaces, you’ve probably got lichen. Lichen can grow on almost any outdoor surface, causing ugly discoloration.

And, all puns aside, lichen can do costly damage: Lichens on your roof can damage the shingles and cause a water leak, and lichen can damage paint and wooden surfaces. Lichen has damaged priceless monuments by “etching” stained glass and even stone.

Don’t let this happen on your property–remove lichen fungus gently, safely and scrub-free with Wet & Forget.

What is Lichen, Anyway?

Lichen is a very hardy organism that grows on every continent, even Antarctica. Because it lacks true roots and can make its own food, lichen can grow almost anywhere outdoors, such as on glass, stone, wood, bricks, grave markers and even on live plants.*

Lichen is actually a combination of 2 growths: fungus and algae. The fungus and algae grow together and form a partnership–the algae makes food for the fungus, and the fungus protects the algae from the environment and makes sure the algae gets the right amount of water and light.

This tag-team approach makes lichen hard to remove, but Wet & Forget is more than up to the challenge. Follow the instructions below to gently remove lichen from your outdoor surfaces.

Remove Lichen with Wet & Forget Outdoor

Because lichen is a complex, multi-layered growth, the method for applying Wet & Forget is a little different than for moss, mold, mildew or algae.

To remove lichen, mix a solution of 1 part Wet & Forget and 5 parts water in a garden sprayer. Thoroughly saturate the lichen with the Wet & Forget solution, wait 15 minutes, and then saturate the lichen again.

This double-treatment allows Wet & Forget to penetrate the lichen’s layers. No scrubbing or rinsing needed!

Spray and forget about the lichen, Wet & Forget will do the work for you! We recommend spraying the lichen with Wet & Forget at a time when the surface will have at least 4 to 5 hours to dry afterwards before the threat of rain.

It’s also best to spray the lichen when the sunlight is not too intense, such as during the morning or evening, or on an overcast day. This will prevent the solution from drying too quickly and allow it more time to penetrate the lichen.

Let Wet & Forget solve your lichen problem, so you can get back to enjoying your summer!

*Lichen is not harmful to plants. Do not use Wet & Forget to remove lichen from plants.

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  1. two years ago I used wet & forget on my family’s cemetery marker’s. Wow! after about 6 months it looked new again. So I tried it on a few from the 1890’s that were covered with moss and the text was unreadable. once again in about 6 months the results were amazing. One of the markers was of a young girl that was killed in 1918. she was 16 years old. her marker was totally black and moss covered. 6 months later you can spot it 50 yards away. It looks new again. I am sold! thank you for this product.

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