Zap these 5 Ugly Stains the Easy Way with Wet & Forget Outdoor!

Zap these 5 Ugly Stains the Easy Way with Wet & Forget Outdoor!

Natural growths like moss and algae are fine out in the forest, but when moss, algae, lichen, mold or mildew invade your porch, deck, roof or driveway, it’s not so nice. These growths are not only eyesores, either–algae and mold and mildew can make surfaces dangerously slippery, and moss and lichen can do permanent damage to your property if left unchecked.

Read on to see how Wet & Forget Outdoor eliminates 5 types of ugly outdoor growths the easy way… no scrubbing, bleaching or pressure washer needed!

1. Black Algae

Black algae is a simple plant that grows on outdoor surfaces. It has a dark outer capsule that protects it from sunlight; this capsule allows the algae to grow on bright areas such as rooftops and sidewalks, and it also gives black algae its soot-like appearance.

Black algae can take over an entire surface and make it look filthy and unrecognizable (see photo above).

Wet & Forget Outdoor works with the wind and rain to gently remove black algae over time, and keep it away for a year or more in most cases. Just look at the amazing results Gilbert and Carol S. of Ohio got when the tried Wet & Forget Outdoor on their sidewalk! (see photo above)

wet forget wall

2. Moss

Moss is a green, fuzzy, carpet-like simple plant. It can grow on outdoor surfaces such as roofs, concrete, bricks, and decking.

Not only is it unsightly; it can also do permanent damage to the surfaces it infests. Moss can grow between and underneath shingles, causing them to pull free from the roof’s membrane and cause a leak, and can also cause asphalt shingles to shed their protective granules.

On concrete or bricks, moss can cause surface pitting and worsen any cracking or crumbling, speeding up the surface’s demise. Moss can also cause pitting, warping and cracking on certain types of decking.

Wet & Forget Outdoor starts working on contact to kill moss and cause the moss’s root-like structures to release their grip on the surface the moss is inhabiting. The moss will turn brown and die, and you can simply allow the wind and rain to wash it away, or gently brush the dead moss away with a brush or broom.

moss on roof

3. Green Algae

Green algae is a flat, slippery, green growth that thrives in partially-shaded areas where there is moisture. The more humid your climate, the more green algae you’re likely to see, which is why Jeff H., who lives near the sea in Cape Cod, MA, wound up with such a green algae problem on his cedar siding. Good thing Jeff had Wet & Forget Outdoor!

Wet & Forget Outdoor works with the wind and rain to remove green algae from outdoor surfaces. Green algae can grow on just about anything, so Wet & Forget’s gentle, non-caustic formula is the perfect solution.

Wet & Forget Outdoor is safe to use on everything from Jeff’s white cedar siding, to Judy’s canvas awning, to composite decking, to vinyl siding. Green algae needs to worry, but you don’t!

algae fence

4. Lichen

Lichen is a complex, multi-layered growth that can develop on almost any outdoor surface. It is extremely hardy, it’s been discovered on every continent, including Antarctica.

Lichen’s hardiness makes it stubborn and difficult to get rid of when it decides to grow on your roof or driveway.

Wet & Forget Outdoor Wipes out lichen and forces it to release its vise-grip on the surface it inhabits. Even after the lichen is gone, Wet & Forget Outdoor keeps working to keep lichen away for a year or more in most cases. Bye-bye, lichen!


5. Mold and Mildew

“Mold and mildew” is what we say when we want to talk about that gross, smelly fungal growth that can occur indoors or outdoors, in dim, damp areas. When mold and mildew strike outside your home, Wet & Forget Outdoor is the answer!

Wet & Forget Outdoor kills mold and mildew and keeps it from coming back for a year or more in most cases. You can even use Wet & Forget Outdoor to wipe out mold and mildew on your outdoor furniture cushions, instead of ruining them with bleach or throwing them away and buying new ones.

Judy D. thought she would have to throw away her mold-infested canvas awning, until she found Wet & Forget Outdoor. Wet & Forget Outdoor is a homeowner’s dream, and mold’s worst nightmare!

clean bricks