Fan of the Month: Lorna Conquered Soap Scum with Wet & Forget Shower

Fan of the Month: Lorna Conquered Soap Scum with Wet & Forget Shower

Lorna was recovering from surgery and wasn’t able to scrub her shower. She tried Wet & Forget Shower, and couldn’t believe how effortless making her shower sparkle could be!

Just one spray once a week keeps her shower shining. Now Lorna sings Wet & Forget Shower’s praises every chance she gets! Read on to learn more.

“Mobility was an issue, and I just couldn’t bend a lot to scrub my shower.” -Lorna O. from Springfield, Ohio

Scrubbing your Shower: a Tough, Dirty Job

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Lorna had hip replacement surgery and spent a lot of time regaining her strength. When she first returned home she had someone come in to help with the cleaning, but she wanted to get back to doing things herself as soon as possible.

The problem was, she wasn’t able to bend, stoop, and squat like she would need to do in order to scrub her shower.

“I had no idea when or if I would even be able to do that again, and arthritis had been making it hard for me even before the surgery,” Lorna said. “I’ve always liked to take care of those things myself, and I didn’t want that to change.”

Then Lorna’s niece told her about Wet & Forget Shower, which she used in her own home.

”At first I wasn’t very interested,” Lorna said. “I tried one of those no-scrub sprays years ago, and they made you use it every day. I hated messing around with it. It had this awful, strong bleach smell, too, so the bathroom always smelled bad.”

Lorna’s niece told her that Wet & Forget Shower is bleach-free and only requires one weekly application, so Lorna decided to put her reservations aside and give it a try.

“Cleaning with Wet & Forget Shower is so easy, I just can’t believe it! I really wish I had found out about it sooner.” -Lorna O.

A Clean Shower is a Cinch with Wet & Forget Shower!

Lorna was still a little doubtful about this new no-scrub shower cleaner, but she gave it a try. She was impressed right away.

“The first thing I noticed was that it just smells wonderful. A nice hint of vanilla, no bleach,” Lorna said.

Lorna was also won over by how effortless applying Wet & Forget Shower is. The award-winning sprayer is ergonomically designed so you can hold it comfortably down at your side in one hand while you spray with the other hand.

The flexible tubing makes it easy to reach every corner of your shower with a stretch of your hand, instead of having to bend and squat. The high-efficiency nozzle applies 65% more cleaner with each squeeze of the trigger than the average sprayer and can be sprayed at any angle—even upside-down—without losing any power.

This made it quick and easy for Lorna to spray her shower. She didn’t have to stoop or squat, and she was finished in under 5 minutes.

“I sprayed my shower, went to bed, and then rinsed it the next morning with my detachable showerhead. It was so easy!” Lorna said.

“I can’t believe how clean it keeps my shower. It even keeps the soap scum away!” -Lorna O.

Never Go Back to Scrubbing your Shower!

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Now that Lorna has tried Wet & Forget Shower, she’s never going back to those other shower cleaners.

“I was looking for something easy because of my surgery, but this was never exactly my favorite job,” Lorna said. “I’m so glad I found out about this stuff. Cleaning with Wet & Forget Shower is so easy, I just can’t believe it! I really wish I had found out about it sooner.”

Click here for more details about Wet & Forget Shower and instructions for use.

Try Wet & Forget Shower today, and say goodbye to scrubbing! Stop by our website to learn more about our easy solutions to everyday problems, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your home!