See the Top 4 Reasons you should Try Wet & Forget Shower Today!

See the Top 4 Reasons you should Try Wet & Forget Shower Today!

Let’s face it: cleaning the shower will never make your list of favorite things to do. And while lots of shower cleaners make all kinds of promises, most fail to deliver: traditional shower cleaners have you scrubbing until you’re sweaty and frustrated, and most so-called “convenient” no-scrub cleaners require you to spray your shower every single day to get results.

That’s hardly convenient! Many cleaners also use harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia that can harm your shower and produce noxious fumes that make you miserable. Put an end to the madness today!

Read on to discover the top 4 ways Wet & Forget Shower weekly no-scrub shower cleaner will completely change your shower cleaning experience, and see why you should pick up a bottle today.

1. You’ll Save Time

Time is priceless, and Wet & Forget is all about making sure you spend less time cleaning, so you get to spend more of your time doing what you want to do. Wet & Forget Shower saves you time because you only need one application a week to keep your shower sparkling every day.

Our innovative high-efficiency sprayer makes the weekly application so quick and easy, you’ll be back to your life in no time.

Now that you won’t be wasting so much time scrubbing your shower or spraying it every single day, here are a few ways to use that extra time!

weekly shower

2. You’ll Save Money

Compared with Wet & Forget Shower, those other no-scrub shower sprays aren’t just inconvenient, they’re also expensive. That’s because, while an individual bottle may cost less than a bottle of Wet & Forget Shower, the small bottles of daily spray only contain an average of about 6 days’ worth of product, while Wet & Forget Shower’s 64-ounce bottle packs in 14 weeks’-worth of clean.

That means, for every 1 bottle of Wet & Forget Shower that you buy, you would have to buy fourteen bottles of the average daily no-scrub shower spray to get the same amount of clean. Next time you’re comparing prices, do the math and see the savings!

3. You’ll Pamper Yourself

You don’t usually think of shower cleaning as a way to pamper yourself, but we here at Wet & Forget believe in giving you simple solutions to life’s little problems so you can have lots of opportunities to take it easy.

Wet & Forget Shower lets you pamper your skin, because your hands don’t have to come into contact with the harsh chemicals in most shower cleaners. The bleach and ammonia in many shower cleaners leave your hands chapped and raw, but Wet & Forget’s gentle formula and no-scrub application mean your hands stay soft and protected.

Wet & Forget Shower will also pamper your nose with its subtle vanilla essence scent, which smells more like an aromatherapy candle than a shower cleaner. No more noxious bleach fumes!

Finally, cleaning your shower with Wet & Forget Shower will be so effortless, you will almost feel like you have a maid. Talk about pampered!


4. You’ll Enjoy a Sparkling Shower 365 Days a Year!

Maybe you’ve had a busy week, maybe you’ve been down with the flu, or maybe you’ve just been putting off your least-favorite chore. Whatever the reason, once in awhile your shower has the chance to get a little (or more than a little) grungy.

It happens to everyone, but it never has to happen again once you try Wet & Forget Shower. That’s because all it takes to keep even high-traffic showers sparkling-clean is just one super-quick, super-easy application a week.

That’s why Toni, a busy mom of 3 who works over 60 hours a week and is married to an auto mechanic, which makes her an expert on dirty showers, was thrilled to tell us how she hasn’t had to scrub either of her showers one time in the 8 months since she started using Wet & Forget Shower.

Wet & Forget Shower once a week eliminates shower grime for good!

Photo courtesy of Gail Frederick.