How Wet & Forget Shower Delivers a Clean Shower for Less Cash

How Wet & Forget Shower Delivers a Clean Shower for Less Cash

You already have plenty of expenses in your life. Costs such as home repairs, groceries, and orthodontist bills take a big bite out of your paycheck, and we’ve all learned to dread pulling up to the gas pump. Saving money is smart even when your finances are booming.

Now, more than ever, every penny counts. So why pay more than you have to for a clean shower?

Wet & Forget Shower weekly spray not only saves you time and effort–it also keeps your shower sparkling for less than 1/3 the cost of a typical daily shower spray. Keep reading to find out how!

Wet & Forget Shower’s bleach-free, ammonia-free, scrub-free formula keeps your shower clean and leaves behind a fresh vanilla essence scent. And while Wet & Forget Shower sets you free from scrubbing and harsh chemicals, it also saves you money compared to a leading daily scrub-free shower spray.

Here are the 3 steps to how Wet & Forget Shower gets the job done for less:

Use Less Product

Unlike daily shower sprays, Wet & Forget Shower keeps away soap scum, oils, grime and mold & mildew stains with just one treatment a week. Wet & Forget Shower delivers a clean shower with just 1 treatment per week instead of the 7 weekly treatments you would need with a daily spray.

This means that, for every 1 ounce of Wet & Forget Shower you buy, you would need 7 ounces of a daily shower spray to keep your shower clean. Not only does Wet & Forget save you the hassle of having to spray your shower every day–it also allows you to use much less product to get the job done.

Buy Fewer Bottles

Daily shower sprays typically come in 32-oz. bottles. Wet & Forget Shower comes in a 64-oz. (half-gallon) bottle, which is two times as much product as a normal-sized bottle of daily spray.

Because you also use a daily spray 7 times more often than you need to use Wet & Forget Shower, you would end up buying fourteen bottles of daily shower spray for every one bottle of Wet & Forget Shower. That’s a lot of bottles!

Wet & Forget Shower = More Bang for your Buck

A 32-oz. bottle of a leading daily shower spray can cost you about $4.50, while a 64-oz. bottle of Wet & Forget Shower costs $19.99. Because you would have to buy 14 bottles of daily spray for every 1 bottle of Wet & Forget Shower, the daily spray would cost you $63 to keep your shower clean for the same amount of time as a $19.99 bottle of Wet & Forget Shower.

That’s more than 3 times the cost.

Compared with daily shower sprays, Wet & Forget Shower saves you time, effort and money. Order Wet & Forget Shower today to impress your Thanksgiving house guests with your sparkling, vanilla-fresh shower, and keep all that money you save for Black Friday!

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  1. mike

    What solution/dilution??
    Use full strength?
    Why no such info in article?

    1. Teresa Fugatt

      Hi Mike,

      Wet & Forget Shower is a once a week shower spray and this is exactly how you would use it.

      After the last shower on a Saturday, grab your bottle of Wet & Forget Shower and spray down all your shower surfaces. The bottle looks like this, So all you need to do is spray, no mixing or scrubbing. Then, the next time someone takes a shower, just simply splash water on the areas sprayed — and that’s it!

      Thanks for commenting.