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How We Do It: 4 Keys to the Wonderful Workings of Wet & Forget Shower

Lots of shower cleaners promise you the moon, but leave you wanting more. First, the “traditional” shower cleaners burden you with the sweaty job of scrubbing your shower to keep it clean. No-scrub shower cleaners promise to take the work out of getting a clean shower, but most require you to spray your shower every day. Who has time for that? And just about every shower cleaner–of both the “scrub” and “no scrub” varieties–uses harsh, […]

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How Wet & Forget Shower Delivers a Clean Shower for Less Cash

You already have plenty of expenses in your life. Costs such as home repairs, groceries, and orthodontist bills take a big bite out of your paycheck, and we’ve all learned to dread pulling up to the gas pump. Saving money is smart even when your finances are booming. Now, more than ever, every penny counts. So why pay more than you have to for a clean shower? Wet & Forget Shower weekly spray not only saves […]

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