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See the Top 4 Reasons you should Try Wet & Forget Shower Today!

Let’s face it: cleaning the shower will never make your list of favorite things to do. And while lots of shower cleaners make all kinds of promises, most fail to deliver: traditional shower cleaners have you scrubbing until you’re sweaty and frustrated, and most so-called “convenient” no-scrub cleaners require you to spray your shower every single day to get results. That’s hardly convenient! Many cleaners also use harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia that […]

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How We Do It: 4 Keys to the Wonderful Workings of Wet & Forget Shower

Lots of shower cleaners promise you the moon, but leave you wanting more. First, the “traditional” shower cleaners burden you with the sweaty job of scrubbing your shower to keep it clean. No-scrub shower cleaners promise to take the work out of getting a clean shower, but most require you to spray your shower every day. Who has time for that? And just about every shower cleaner–of both the “scrub” and “no scrub” varieties–uses harsh, […]

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The 5 Ways Wet & Forget Shower Will Simplify Your Life

Life’s complicated enough these days, and sometimes it feels impossible to find the time to get everything done. Between the daily grind at work, figuring out what to have for dinner, and keeping on top of your family’s busy schedule, it’s hard to find the time to relax and take a breath. Scrubbing your shower or spraying it every day is just one more distasteful duty that eats into your free time and adds stress […]

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