Wet & Forget Shower’s Super Sprayer is Your #1 Grime-Blasting Tool!

Wet & Forget Shower’s Super Sprayer is Your #1 Grime-Blasting Tool!

Wet & Forget Shower weekly no-scrub shower spray keeps your shower free of mold and mildew stains, grime, soap scum and oils with only 1 weekly treatment. Wet & Forget Shower’s revolutionary formula takes all the scrubbing out of cleaning your shower, saving you lots of time and work.

But did you know that Wet & Forget Shower’s “secret weapon” is its high-efficiency flexible sprayer. This innovative sprayer makes your job even quicker and easier, so you can get out of the bathroom and back to your busy life.

Read on to learn the 3 things that make our sprayer your best grime-blasting tool!


Most no-scrub shower sprays have a basic spray nozzle attached to the top of the bottle. This means that you have to move the whole bottle around as you reach for the corners of your shower, and that tipping it sideways or upside-down can be a problem.

Wet & Forget Shower’s innovative sprayer is attached to a flexible tube that allows you to hold the bottle in one hand while you spray with the other hand. You can bend the sprayer at any angle, and even hold it upside down without losing any spray strength. This makes spraying hard-to-reach places a snap!


Wet & Forget Shower’s flexible tubing also allows you to tilt the nozzle upwards without losing spray strength, so you can clean the upper reaches of your shower with no problem. The length and flexibility of the sprayer gives you a much larger range, making it quicker and easier for you to spray your whole shower.


Wet & Forget Shower’s innovative high-efficiency nozzle has a 65% higher output than the typical shower sprayer. This means that, with each squeeze of the trigger, 65% more cleaner makes contact with mold and mildew stains, soap scum, grime and oils on your shower’s surfaces, and starts working to wipe them out.

It would take 33 squeezes of a typical sprayer to get the same coverage as just 20 squeezes of Wet & Forget Shower’s high-efficiency sprayer. This makes your job even faster and easier!

Here’s how to use Wet & Forget Shower:
  1. After the last shower of the day, spray your shower’s surfaces with Wet & Forget Shower.
  2. Let Wet & Forget Shower work overnight to clean mold and mildew stains, oils, soap scum and grime.
  3. Rinse the shower before next use.
  4. Repeat as necessary to remove initial buildup.
  5. Repeat once a week to keep your shower clean and prevent future buildup.

Not only do Wet & Forget Shower’s once-weekly treatments save you time and effort compared to no-scrub shower cleaners that you have to spray every day–our superior sprayer makes each weekly treatment faster and easier than one of the other guys’ daily treatments.

Wet & Forget Shower also contains no bleach or ammonia, as many daily cleaners do, so it won’t harm your fixtures or shower curtain.

And Wet & Forget Shower leaves behind a soothing vanilla essence scent, instead of the harsh chemical smell most cleaners have in common. Wet & Forget Shower even costs less than the typical daily no-scrub shower spray! The choice is obvious.

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