Big Raves for Wet & Forget Shower’s Ingenious Sprayer! See it at Work

Here at Wet & Forget, every detail matters when it comes to saving you time and hassle and getting the job done right. That’s why we didn’t stop after developing Wet & Forget Shower’s grime-busting dual surfactant formula.

Instead, we went the extra mile and packaged our winning formula in an innovative high-efficiency sprayer that has already won multiple national awards, and continues to win rave reviews.

Read on to find out why, and to see it in action!

Just Spray and Walk Away!

Wet & Forget Shower no scrub shower cleaner makes your shower sparkle with just one simple weekly application. No more scrubbing, and no more spraying your shower every day.

Just spray and walk away to eliminate soap scum, body oils, grime, and mold and mildew stains on all of your shower’s surfaces, including shower glass, porcelain, grout, fixtures, and even the shower curtain liner.

But we didn’t stop there–we wanted to make the weekly application as quick and effortless as possible and get you back to your life in short order. That’s why we chose such a cutting-edge sprayer to deliver our scrub free clean.

The easy-grip handle on the top of the bottle fits right in your hand, and the nozzle is attached to a flexible hose that allows maximum reach to access every corner of your shower with ease.

You will really feel the difference, though, when you experience our sprayer in action. The nozzle’s extra-wide spray area helps you cover your shower’s surface in no time.

Better yet, our high-efficiency sprayer puts out 65% more product per spray than the average shower spray. That means that it would take 33 trigger squeezes of the average shower spray to equal just 20 trigger squeezes of Wet & Forget Shower.

You’ll be finished and back to your life before you know it! A clean shower couldn’t be easier.

travertine soap scum

High Praise for Wet & Forget Shower’s Cutting-Edge Sprayer

When our innovative sprayer hit store shelves, people took notice. We were honored when our sprayer won two prestigious national awards from top industry experts in 2013: a distinguished Gold Award from the National Association of Container Distributors (NACD), and a prestigious Gold Packaging Distinction from the North American Retail Hardware Association (NARHA).

In January 2014, Wet & Forget Shower received this rave review in Package Design Magazine.

Of course, our favorite rave reviews come from Wet & Forget Fans who have tried Wet & Forget Shower and can’t wait to tell us about it. That’s why we’re always thrilled to get comments like this one, posted to our Facebook page by a very happy Anne Scott Grasberger:

“I’ve been using Wet and Forget shower for a few weeks now and am in total awe. My least favorite chore has become the easiest. Will Costco be carrying this product? This is something I want to buy in bulk!!!”

Thanks, Anne for sharing your experience with the team at Wet & Forget!

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