Easy Steps to Transform your Home’s Look, Indoors or Out

Easy Steps to Transform your Home’s Look, Indoors or Out

Whether you’re rejuvenating your tired old kitchen or revamping your outdoor living space to get ready for summer fun, a new look for part of your home is a wonderful way to welcome a new season and perk up your days.

Read on to get lots of key tips for transforming your home’s look!

Add some style indoors

easy diy horizontal stripe curtains

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and gut a whole room to fundamentally change the room’s look. Even something as simple as a coat of paint, refinishing some furniture, or adding a touch like these stylish no-sew horizontal-stripe curtains (see photo above) can do the trick.

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Add some spark outdoors

Your outdoor living space shows your style just as much as the inside of your home.

There are so many ways to beautify your space: DIY projects such as installing a garden path or a water feature can bring an air of serenity; adding a fire pit, fire bowl or outdoor fireplace means long talks by the fire and lots of s’ mores; and fun projects such as building your own pallet bar or flower tower or decorating your mailbox add your own unique touch to your space.

Themed flower gardens such as a moon garden or butterfly garden are also wonderful touches, and this article has tips on how to make your outdoor space cozy for you and your guests.

And if you’ve got outdoor surfaces that are covered in moss, algae, lichen, or mold and mildew, let Wet & Forget Outdoor transform them for you by wiping out the stains with no scrubbing or power washing needed!

Check out the video above to see some amazing transformations.

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Photos courtesy of Geneva Vanderzeil and Teresa Fugatt.