Liven up Your Outdoor Space with these 2 Easy DIY Videos

Liven up Your Outdoor Space with these 2 Easy DIY Videos

Now is the perfect time of year to fire up the grill, kick back on the deck, and make lots of fun memories with your family and friends. You want your outdoor living space to have just as much style as the inside of your home, and these 2 easy DIY projects will help you get there.

Read more to see our video instructions for making your own stylish pallet bar and gorgeous flower tower!

Stylish DIY Pallet Bar

Upcycling is the perfect way to capture a cool style while taking care of the environment. This pallet bar is easy to make and inexpensive, too—many home improvement stores will give you used pallets for free if you stop by on re-stocking day.

Watch our video above to learn how to make your own pallet bar, and click here for more upcycling ideas.


Beautiful DIY Flower Tower

A flower tower is like a living work of art, with bloom formations that seem to defy gravity. You can design your own flower tower to exactly the height and diameter you want, and choose your color palette for your own unique creation.

Construct your own flower tower in only about 45 minutes to an hour, and watch your creation grow! Watch our video above to learn how, and click here to see 4 of our favorite flower gardens and get inspired.


Enjoy your outdoor space! Stop by our website for easy solutions to everyday problems, so you can spend more time enjoying your summer, and less time cleaning.