See the Best DIY Pallet Projects to Spice up your Outdoor Living Space

See the Best DIY Pallet Projects to Spice up your Outdoor Living Space

Pallets are versatile materials that you can upcycle into everything from planters to walls, or even an outdoor pallet bar. And you can often get spare pallets for free from your local hardware store!

Read on to find out how to make some of the best DIY pallet projects and add style and personality to your outdoor space.

Getting your Pallets

One of the best things about working with pallets is that you can often get them for free from local businesses such as grocery stores or home improvement stores. Here are some tips for getting free pallets.

Keep in mind that some pallets have been treated with chemicals that aren’t good for you, so your best bet is to stick with pallets that have an “HT” marking on them. This means that they have been heat-treated rather than chemically treated.

Don’t worry about a cosmetic flaw or two in the wood; this will only add to the rustic charm of the finished product.

Stylish DIY Pallet Bar

Backyard barbecues are one of the coolest uses for your outdoor living space. This easy-to-make DIY pallet bar will add both style and function to your space and is the perfect vehicle for serving ice-cold end-of-summer margaritas.

Check out our video above for instructions, and make your own pallet bar!

Rustic Pallet Headboard

DIY pallet crafts

Bring some of that DIY style indoors with this rustic pallet headboard (see photo above). DIY Network gives you step-by-step instructions for crafting this picturesque piece, from construction to stenciling, with detailed photos along the way.

Space-Saving Pallet Garden

upcycled vertical pallet garden

Vertical gardens are the way to go if you want to maximize your garden space while you grow everything from herbs, to strawberries, to beautiful blooms. Pallets are the perfect canvas for your DIY container garden.

You can use anything from flower pots to upcycled coffee cans for your planters, and make your pallet garden as large or small as you want it to be.

Here are some instructions for starting your own DIY pallet garden, and here are more planter ideas.

Money-Saving Upcycled Patio Furniture

DIY pallet projects

Quality patio furniture can cost you a chunk of change, but it doesn’t have to. You can furnish your patio, deck or porch for shockingly little money by making your own DIY upcycled patio furniture using pallets.

Here are instructions for making a gorgeous set of benches out of reclaimed pallets. Here are more low-cost ways to make your outdoor living space cozy.

Beautiful Patio Table with Built-in Succulent Planter

Round out your outdoor furnishings with this beautiful patio table with a built-in recessed planter for succulents. This table is a functional piece of furniture, a planter, and a work of art all rolled into one.

No one would believe that it cost you next to nothing! Here are more container gardening ideas.

Handy DIY Garden Organizer

If you do any gardening at all, you wind up with various gardening tools that can quickly clutter up your garage or shed. You can spend money on a tool organizer that will probably be bigger or smaller than what you need, or you can spend next to nothing for your own custom-made garden tool organizer that will be the perfect fit for your tools.

Here are instructions for making your own DIY garden tool organizer.

Fun DIY Sandbox with Built-in Seats

A sandbox is lots of fun for the kids, and a great place for future artists or architects to express their budding creativity. This DIY pallet sandbox features built-in seats and a hinged lid that you can close when your kids aren’t using the sandbox to keep the neighbors’ cats out.

Comfy Hanging Chair

This easy-to-make DIY pallet chair is a completely different concept from the others out there.

Made by attaching pallet slats together with paracord and suspending them, this chair conforms to your body and is almost like a hammock. It makes a cozy place to relax!

And More…

trash can cover

Here are more upcycling ideas to use all-around your home, and here are some creative ways to camouflage your outdoor trash cans, including using painted pallets (see photo above).

Photos courtesy of DIY Network, Jenna Burger, Sassy Sparrow, and Judith Deuel.

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