Stay on Track with These 6 Key Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Stay on Track with These 6 Key Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Summer is the perfect time for cookouts and vacations, but if you let things go on the home maintenance front you could wind up with expensive repairs that could leave you stuck at home.

Read on for key tips on solving 6 issues that crop up during the summer, from deck problems to leaky basements, so you can get back to having fun!

1: Wet Basement

All of those summer thunderstorms can lead to a leaky basement. If this happens to you, the problem could be inside your home in the form of leaking appliances, or outside your home, caused by problems with your home’s rain gutter system or even improper land grading.

This article is a guide for getting to the bottom of a leaky-basement problem, so you can dry things up. If your wet basement resulted in mold and mildew growth, take care of the problem with Wet & Forget Mold + Mildew Disinfectant Cleaner. Just spray and wipe!

2: Deck Repair

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Your deck not only increases your home’s value; it also plays a major role in how you enjoy your free time during the summer months. If your deck is warped, cracked, splintered, suffering from dry rot, or infested with moss, algae, lichen, or mold & mildew, it will look unsightly and can even pose a risk for the people who walk and sit on it.

This article gives you 5 ways to care for your deck and keep it healthy so it will look good and serve you and your family for years to come.

3: Driveway Maintenance

Your driveway plays a major role in both the appearance and the function of the outside of your home. If your driveway is cracked, crumbling or filled with potholes, it will damage your home’s value and curb appeal.

Driveway damage can also lead to damage to your car or injuries such as twisted ankles or falls. Driveway damage starts out small and easy to repair but, if ignored, will get worse and become more difficult and expensive to deal with.

This article has 4 key steps to repair and maintain your driveway and keep it in top shape so you won’t have to spend a fortune replacing It prematurely.

4: Storm Damage

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Summer’s thunderstorms can often leave damage behind that you may not notice. Hidden storm damage can lead to extensive water damage if you don’t repair it quickly.

This article will help you detect hidden storm damage before it requires major repairs.

5: Avoid Water Damage

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Just like in medical matters, the best cure in home repairs is prevention. Water damage routinely costs thousands of dollars, often requires lengthy, messy repairs, and can lead to mold and mildew growth that can pose health risks.

This article gives you 5 tips that will help you avoid water damage before it happens.

6: Key Air Conditioner Maintenance

It’s the dog days of summer, and your air conditioner is working overtime. This article gives you essential maintenance tips for keeping your air conditioner healthy, whether it’s a central air unit or a window unit, so your AC can continue keeping you and your family cool all summer.

Get the Job Done Right!

Your home is your biggest investment, so whether you’re the DIY type or whether you prefer to contract the workout, you want to make sure that your home improvement work is done right the first time.

This article has tips for picking the right contractor to work on your home, and this article has tips to help with your next DIY project. Got everything ship-shape?

Here are 4 easy room makeovers you can try, and take advantage of the warm weather to transform a room’s look.

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Get ready for summer with these home maintenance tips!