Home Improvement Projects to Leave to the Professionals

Home Improvement Projects to Leave to the Professionals

This season is the perfect time to finish up your home improvement projects before the cruel winter weather appears. People often think DIY home maintenance is the best solution.

However, some projects are much more complex for the average DIYer and are best left up to the professionals. We’ve gathered a list of home improvements that are illegal to do yourself, and the reason why you’ll want to hire a professional to perform these tasks.

Replacing a Hot Water Tank


This project might seem like a quick fix, but dealing with electricity and gas lines that could lead to an explosive leak is very dangerous. Replacing a hot water tank deals with many different permits, codes, and safety regulations that is best to left for a professional.

If you attempted to do this yourself you could potentially end up with carbon monoxide emissions, which can be fatal to your family and pets. A licensed plumber is the best person to replace your hot water heater.

Removing Lead-Based Paint


To start off, lead is deadly so the removal of lead-based paint should be done by a professional. It’s not worth risking your life to remove the lead-based paint in your home.

Removing lead paint yourself can lead to your inhalation from removing the paint, which can result in damage to many different internal organs. If children are around while you are removing the paint they can suffer from lots of different lead-induced developmental disorders.

Hiring a professional to remove the paint is the safest and the only non-lethal way to remove this type of paint.

Changing a Stovetop


Changing a stovetop from an electric to a gas stovetop yourself is not for amateurs. It takes two professionals to inspect and meet the codes for a new stovetop.

It is suggested to hire an electrician to modify the electrical circuit and a plumber to install the gas line properly. Any mistakes in this process could lead to an explosion in your home, so leaving this home improvement project up to the professionals is a wise choice.

Pumping a Septic System


Pumping a septic system requires permits to dispose of the waste and very specific equipment to fully get rid of the waste. Most septic tanks need to be pumped every 3-5 years. It can be difficult to find a place to dispose of the waste collected in your septic tank, and dumping your waste in an incorrect location is unsanitary and will contaminate the environment.

You will need to call a professional to legally pump your septic system and dispose of the waste in it.

Fixing Light Fixtures


Replacing electrical wiring is best when done by a professional to avoid electrocution and potential fires. If a fire were to happen after you try to fix your electrical wiring, insurance companies can deny your claim.

Faulty wiring can cause house fires, so leaving electrical wiring to electricians will eliminate the potential outcomes of having bad wiring in your home.

Many of these projects appear to be easy,  yet they are highly illegal to complete and can result in some pretty detrimental outcomes if not done properly. It may cost you more upfront to hire a professional but you can rest assured the project won’t end up costing you more in the long run.

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(Photos courtesy of California National Guard, Paul Quesnell, Wally Hartshron, Cynthia Cheny)