A Summer To-Do List for Home Improvements

A Summer To-Do List for Home Improvements


Everyone has heard of spring-cleaning, but what about summer-cleaning? Or at least a summer to-do-list?

It’s never too late to clean, organize, and replace things in your household that didn’t receive attention over the cold, rainy months. Here is a great starter list for things that need to get done this summer!

Clean Out the Garage
garage cleaning

A cluttered garage may mean you don’t actually get to park your car inside it. During the spring, you may have utilized the garage more causing clutter, which forced you to settle with parking in the driveway.

This has been working for a while because the temperatures outside have been relatively moderate. In June, July and August parking in the driveway can heat that car up to temperatures no one wants to sit in.

Open up the garage, throw away old, unnecessary items and organize it. You will then feel better about its appearance and actually be able to use it for what it was made for. This would also be a great opportunity for a yard sale!

Home Cleanse

It’s important to go through everything in your house and toss what is expired. Go to your newly organized garage, shed, or storage space and see what cleaners, pesticides, oil, or other types of toxins may be in need of a trip to the waste facility.

Be sure when discarding any materials that you dispose of them properly. If there are no directions on how to dispose of it, there should be a number to call or you can Google it.

Now look through your medicine cabinets/first aid kits and replace expired items. Most cities say toss out old medicine, research the proper way to dispose of specific medicines such as inhalers.

It’s finally time to clean out the refrigerator. Families often get caught up in their busy days and forget what’s in their fridge and pantry.

Make sure to throw out those leftovers from weeks ago, expired lunch meats, produce, canned foods and other groceries. It’s also important to clean out any emergency food storage you may have because yes, most emergency food has a long shelf life, it can expire.

Eliminate Spiders and Their Webs

spider spray

As you’re cleaning out your garage, storage areas, and other dimly-lit areas, cobwebs and spiders may be found. Miss Muffet’s Revenge will take care of that!

Simply spray cobwebs today, and brush them down tomorrow. This convenient, ready-to-use formula will kill and prevent those pesky spiders from coming back.

Spraying the perimeters of your house will prevent spiders from entering!

Tune Ups

Whether you love to bike ride or take your car for a cruise down the street, it is smart to tune up both when summer comes around. Few people work on their cars during the colder seasons and even fewer ride their bikes around.

Now that the weather is nice it is a perfect time to tune up that bike. You can either take it in to get tuned up or you can learn to tune it up yourself.

As for your car, it is much easier to motivate yourself to get out and tune it up or take it in to your local mechanic for a maintenance check. There is nothing worse than passing up a 50 dollar fix and having that issue turn into a larger breakdown costing more money.

Maintenance is always cheaper than repairs.

Home Maintenance

green stain cleaner

Nothing is worse than having a home covered in green algae stains or a front yard with an unsightly lawn. One of the first things people see when they come to your home is how well your yard is kept, front and back.

Eliminating weeds is an important duty for a homeowner. Without them, your yard is much cleaner, can help keep away unwanted pests such as mosquitoes (learn more about getting rid of mosquitoes here!), and actually is per city code in most counties to keep your lawn from getting too unruly.

While you’re outside, don’t forget to use Wet & Forget Outdoor. This easy spray & leave cleaner will take care of those green and blacks stains on your patio furniture, siding, driveway, fence and virtually ANY outdoor surface!

We’ve made applying Wet & Forget even easier with Wet & Forget Outdoor Ready To Use featured above.


A few things to consider when completing your summer to do list is to check all of your outlets; make sure they are working and replace ones within 6 feet of water with GFCI outlets.

This means outlets in bathrooms, in the kitchen, garage and outside will cut off if they come into contact with water preventing electrocution. Also, make sure all fans are on summer mode so that air is being pushed opposed to being pulled.

Stop by our website to learn more about our easy solutions to everyday problems, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying summer!


Keep your home in tip top shape throughout the summer season by following this checklist!