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Apply Wet & Forget in the Winter with our Simple Guidelines!

With the official start date of the winter season quickly approaching, the cold winter weather has finally started to settle in. People often wonder if they can still apply Wet & Forget Outdoor in the winter months. Our answer put simply? Of course! You just have to follow our few winter guidelines when applying in snowy weather. Read on to find out more about these easy guidelines! Winter Guidelines: Wet & Forget Concentrate should be […]

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A Summer To-Do List for Home Improvements

Everyone has heard of spring-cleaning, but what about summer-cleaning? Or at least a summer to-do-list? It’s never too late to clean, organize, and replace things in your household that didn’t receive attention over the cold, rainy months. Here is a great starter list for things that need to get done this summer! Clean Out the Garage A cluttered garage may mean you don’t actually get to park your car inside it. During the spring, you may have utilized the garage more causing […]

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