Fan of the Month: Bob Has Clean Siding And Gutters Thanks to Wet & Forget

Bob’s house siding had been a real pain to keep clean until he found Wet & Forget.  Bob was getting sick of scrubbing and brushing algae off the side of his home to keep it clean.

He didn’t want to spend hours cleaning with a pressure washer. Bob received a few recommendations from his family and friends about using Wet & Forget to treat his algae problem.

“My cousin recommended using Wet & Forget. He had used it on his black deck and vinyl fence, and it has done an excellent job. My friend also put Wet & Forget on his walkway, and a couple of rains later the stains were gone, so I decided to buy some” -Bob W. from Winfield, MO

The chemicals Bob used on his house in the past were a lot of work and harsh options that only provided short-term results. Green algae kept returning to Bob’s siding, despite the extended effort he put into removing the growth. Wet & Forget changed the way Bob cleans his outdoor surfaces.

“I sprayed Wet & Forget on the south side of my house four years ago, and it’s still clean!” -Bob W.

clean siding

Bob doesn’t have to scrub his siding and gutters anymore. Wet & Forget, with the help of the wind and rain, gently remove the algae and black stains from the surface. Moving forward, Bob will only need to apply a maintenance application at the first sign of new growth.

“I applied to my gutters with black streaks, and the streaks get lighter and lighter over time. It’s the best thing since grilled cheese!” -Bob W.

Wet & Forget can be used on a wide variety of surfaces to clean up moss, mold, mildew or algae stains. Bob took full advantage of the different surfaces that can be cleaned with Wet & Forget, he used it on his siding, gutters, in-ground pool, and sidewalks.

Furthermore, he even uses Wet & Forget on his family’s gravestones. Wet & Forget has a pH of 8 and contains no bleach or ammonia, so it is safe to use on more fragile surfaces such as gravestones.

“My father-in-laws’ gravestone is old and porous. I applied Wet & Forget and the next time I visited it looked like it was just put in!” -Bob W.

Bob has reached out to many different people to help them clean their outdoor surfaces with Wet & Forget.

He shared this story with us: “I saw a little old lady up the street scrubbing the side of her house. I went over there and applied Wet & Forget to her siding, two years later the siding is still clean!” -Bob W. 

Bob loves the ease of using Wet & Forget and not having to worry about using harsh chemicals that could potentially damage or discolor his outdoor surfaces.

“I like the idea that Wet & Forget is biodegradable, doesn’t hurt plants*, and is easy to use.” -Bob W. 

Wet & Forget can even be used on properties with wells, as the product will not leach into the soil. Now that Bob’s siding is clean, he can spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing.

*When applying Wet & Forget near plants, we recommend rinsing the plants with water both before and after your application to protect the plants from any overspray.

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