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Fan of the Month: Bob Has Clean Siding And Gutters Thanks to Wet & Forget

Bob’s house siding had been a real pain to keep clean until he found Wet & Forget.  Bob was getting sick of scrubbing and brushing algae off the side of his home to keep it clean. He didn’t want to spend hours cleaning with a pressure washer. Bob received a few recommendations from his family and friends about using Wet & Forget to treat his algae problem. “My cousin recommended using Wet & Forget. He had […]

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Ron Raves About Wet & Forget Cleaning Both Moss and Algae

Hardware store owner Ron has used many products in the past to try to remove unsightly moss and algae on his deck, pavers, and patio furniture. Ron wasn’t seeing any long-lasting results when cleaning with a power washer and bleach-based moss and mold killers. The green moss and algae growths continued to reappear on his deck, pavers, and patio furniture. Furthermore, using bleach-based cleaners with a pressure washer was becoming a very time consuming and cumbersome […]

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