2 Quick Fall Crafts to Decorate Your Home

2 Quick Fall Crafts to Decorate Your Home

With the leaves starting to change and cooler weather keeping you indoors, it’s the perfect time to get started on new fall crafts. It can be difficult and expensive to pick out home décor at your favorite shopping center.

Luckily, it can be so much easier to decorate your home by using things that are commonly found in your backyard. Check out these fall crafts from items that you would find in your backyard!

These crafts will look very festive and use easy to find materials to make crafting almost feel effortless.


Hammered flowers and leaves can make a beautiful display in your home. There are a variety of colors and designs that you can make with leaves and flowers that you can find in your backyard.

You can simply stick with orange, red, and brown colored leaves and flowers to create a fall display, or collect a variety of different leaves to make a colorful display for any season.

After pressing your leaves and flowers you can label the different kinds of trees and plants to create a guide to your display. This is a great craft to do with your kids or grandchildren as well.

Every different print can be personalized just by the different leaf assortments that you can find. The acrylic spray will help seal your leaf or flower stain for many years to come.


As the leaves fall this season, pinecones become in a great abundance as well. Pinecone wreaths make a great decoration for your front door.

The majority of the supplies that you need for this craft are pinecones which can easily be found in your backyard in this fall season. It can take time to collect all of the pinecones that you may need, but it will pay off in the end with a beautiful fall wreath to use for this season.

You can attach burlap and orange ribbons to your wreath to give your craft more fall colors. Furthermore, you can change out the colors of the ribbons on your wreath to use it for multiple seasons and holidays. This craft is easy and can make any door look ready for the upcoming seasons.

These fall crafts are great DIY projects because the majority of the supplies for them can be found in your backyard. They’re a great way to get your kids involved with decorations for your home.

The crafts also don’t require a lot of steps, so they are very easy to follow along with. By the time you finish these crafts your home will look ready for the new season.


(Photos courtesy of: Wendy, Justin Snow)

Get ready for the fall season with these easy DIY fall decor crafts!