Farmhouse Thanksgiving Décor: 4 Rustic-Inspired Ideas for Your Home and Table

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Décor: 4 Rustic-Inspired Ideas for Your Home and Table

Do you love farmhouse style decor? Does woodsy and rustic make your heart sing?

If you’re interested in whipping up some rural farmhouse Thanksgiving décor, read on for a few DIY ideas, perfect to glam up your Turkey day.

Pallet Pumpkin

Gather your materials for your DIY pallet pumpkinThis DIY pallet pumpkin is an easy way to add farmhouse Thanksgiving decor to your home. Follow along with our three-step tutorial to create your own to display in your home!


  • Glaze or Wood Stain- Kona
  • Acrylic Paint- Orange
  • Clear Coat Spray Paint
  • Pallet
  • Wood Screws
  • Foam Paint Brush
  • Frayed Rope
  • Pencil
  • Pumpkin Stencil (there are many available online to print out)
  • Jig Saw
  • Chop Saw
  • Drill
Step 1 – Trace, Cut, & Assemble Pallet

Trace the pumpkin onto the pallet and cut out the pieces.

Trace a pumpkin pattern onto your pallet. Following this, use your jigsaw to cut along the traced lines of the pumpkin outline.

Use the jigsaw to cut backing boards.

Also, cut out two backing boards to fit the size of the pallet pumpkin using the jigsaw. Screw the backing boards onto the pallet to hold it in the pumpkin shape.

Step 2- Paint and/or Stain the Pallet

Paint your pallet pumpkin using orange paint.

To start off, coat the pallet boards with orange paint using a medium-size sponge brush to give your pumpkin a brighter look.

Stain pallet pumpkin

Following this, apply a wood stain with a large sponge brush to the pallet boards and let dry. Using a wood stain on top of the orange paint will also give your pallet pumpkin a more rustic look. Lastly, apply a clear coat on top of the wood stain.

Step 3- Display Pallet Pumpkin!

Your new rustic pallet pumpkin will make a beautiful addition to your farmhouse Thanksgiving decor.

Finally, decorate your house with your new pallet pumpkin! Place your pallet pumpkin on a mantle with a garland or a side table.

Check out our pallet pumpkin video tutorial below!

DIY Thanksgiving Décor: Nature-Inspired Faux Pumpkin Vase

This DIY pumpkin vase will make the perfect center piece for your farmhouse Thanksgiving.

Craft a vase from a faux pumpkin and fill it with flowers for your Thanksgiving table. Faux pumpkins, available at craft stores, look so real you can hardly tell the difference. Faux pumpkins are available in almost any color- traditional orange, white, black, glittered, and even teal. Additionally, this farmhouse Thanksgiving decoration will blend in with a rustic place setting. Set your vase on the table, place cream color candles next to your new farmhouse Thanksgiving décor, and enjoy the compliments!

Rustic Burlap Banner

Make this rustic banner to welcome guests into your home.

This rustic banner, featuring the word, “Grateful” will highlight your holiday fireplace mantel or sideboard. In addition, its simplistic yet rustic design makes it a perfect farmhouse Thanksgiving decor project.


  • Flag Template (the free download can be found HERE, or make a pattern from thin cardboard)
  • 1/4 Yard of Burlap Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Stencil
  • White Craft Paint and Stencil Brush
  • Two 8-inch Lengths of White Lace (or Scraps)
  • Jute or Twine
  • Hot Glue Gun

Print out the provided flag template or make your own. Use it to trace eight flags onto the burlap fabric and cut out.

Stencil each letter in the word, “Grateful” onto the eight flags, with white craft paint and a stencil brush. (You could also do the word, “Thankful” or any word you wish, just change the number of flags.)

Line up your flags in letter order on a work table, spacing them evenly. Following this, hot glue a length of twine or jute across the top, (straight edge) of each flag.

Tie the white lace to both ends of the twine and hang. Rustic and beautiful!

Rustic Thanksgiving Sign

This rustic sign is the perfect addition to any side table in your home.

This fabulous sign, made of wood boards features the holiday sentiment, “Gather, Give Thanks, Relax.” Placed in the entryway or just outside your front door, this weathered sign also signals a cheerful welcome to family and friends.

What You’ll Need-

    • Five Wood Boards, Cut to 1 x 4 Size
    • Wood Screws
    • Two Wooden Garden Stakes (or two 1 × 2 boards) You’ll use these to support the back of your sign. (Trim these slightly shorter than the height of your sign.)
    • Wood Stain, in a shade of your choice
    • White Craft Paint
    • Foam Brush
    • Letter Stencils (there are many available online to print off)
    • Sanding Block or Paper


If the boards are rough, sand them with the sanding block. Round off any sharp edges. Following this, apply the wood stain to the boards and let dry.

Prepare your stencils and press them into place, making sure the edges are secure. For this design, the words “Relax” and “Gather” are positive images while the “Give Thanks” and arrows are negative images.

Pour a little white paint onto a paper plate. Dab your foam brush in the paint.  Press the loaded brush to a paper towel a few times to remove excess paint.

In addition, it’s best to apply this thinly, using a gentle dabbing motion. Apply more than one coat of paint if needed.

Remove the stencils with a pair of tweezers while the paint is still wet. Let the paint dry.

Assembling the sign- Layout the painted boards in word order, on a work table. Additionally, flip them over, word side down. Attach the garden stakes or 1 x 2 wood sections to the back of the boards with wood screws. Pre-drill the holes to keep the boards from splitting.

Distress your finished Thanksgiving sign by lighting sanding the painted areas. Finally, sand to smooth out any rough edges.

All of these decoration options will bring a rustic farmhouse feel to your Thanksgiving table. In addition, the DIY farmhouse Thanksgiving décor ideas above will emit a cheery welcome to family and friends throughout the holiday weekend.

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