Get Crafty With These 3 DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Get Crafty With These 3 DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Finding home and wall decor pieces can be challenging at times. Plus, it may not be in the color that you were hoping for. Don’t fret! You can opt to do it yourself. Stay inside where it’s warm and get crafty this winter season with these DIY wall decor pieces.

Metal Hoop Wreath DIY Wall Decor

Metal Hoop Wreath Holiday Home Decor Craft

What You’ll Need
  • Steel ring – 19 inches (1)
  • Zip ties (2)
  • Floral wire
  • Hot glue gun
  • Floral stem cutters
  • Floral stem wrapping tape
  • Poinsettia pick (2)
  • Pine pick with pine cones (2)
  • Berry pick (1)
  • Eucalyptus pick (2)
  • Iced pine branch pick (2)
  • Pine cones (optional)


Supplies for DIY Metal Hoop Wreath

1) Collect the supplies needed

Gather the supplies needed from the ‘What You’ll Need’ section above. If you have different florals in mind, then feel free to add in your favorites!

Moreover, a unique option is to use dried flowers from your summer or fall garden. Plus, the floral picks from your garden are free.

Wall Decor Metal Hoop Wreath

2) Draft up your craft

Lay the steel ring down and play with your floral arrangement. Doing so will help you figure out where to place the floral picks permanently.

Moreover, drafting your craft will allow you to customize the wreath to your liking. For example, if you want a fuller wreath, you can add more floral picks to it.

3) Trim the picks

If there are floral pick stems that poke out more than you’d like, then trim the picks. However, make sure to leave a bit of the stem so you can secure it properly onto the steel ring.

DIY Wreath

4) Glue it down

Once you have your wreath arranged, it’s time to get your hot glue ready and start attaching your florals! Start from the back and work your way upwards.

We glued down the eucalyptus bunch of two first and then the iced pine branch pick. These 2 picks are in the back because they add extra texture and depth to the wreath.

Plus, they won’t cover up the smaller sprays like the poinsettias.

Next, glue the berry pick over top. When the glue has dried, glue the next layer down, the pine spray.

When attaching the pine pick, weave it through the two underlying layers to make the floral arrangement flow. This spray helps to add volume to your wreath.

Lastly, add the gold-colored poinsettias. Apply a layer of glue onto the stem of underlying layers. Then firmly press the poinsettia down.

Holiday Craft ideas

5) Zip tie loose picks and stems

Use zip ties to secure any loose floral sprays or stems. We zip-tied the eucalyptus bunch of two to prevent it from wiggling out of place.

If you don’t have a hot glue gun, this is also a great option to secure your floral picks and stems.

DIY wreath wall decor

6) Make a loop

Finally, wrap the floral wiring around the top of the steel ring to create a loop. We applied hot glue to secure it in place.

Once the loop is dried, it’s ready to be put up for display! Hang up your new wall decor with a small nail and hammer. Voila!

Simple Wooden Macrame DIY Wall Decor
wooden macrame DIY

What you’ll need

  • Craft cord – 6mm
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Scissors
  • Halved wooden circle – 2 feet (1)
  • Drill
  • 2-inch drill bit


Wooden Macrame Wall Decor Craft Idea

1) Gather your crafting supplies

This wooden macrame wall decor is easy to make since it only calls for 6 crafting items. Check out the ‘What You’ll Need’ section above for the full list of supplies.

We went with a gray craft cord, but you can pick any color you want!

Wood Macrame Wall Decor Tutorial

2) Cut and lay out the craft cords

The length of your craft cord will depend on the size of your halved circle.

Allow for 1/2 an inch to 1 inch of slack on the halved part. Since our halved circle is about 12 inches, we cut the craft cords to be 24 inches.

This gave us some wiggle room for any potential mishaps.

Macrame wall decor

3) Staple the craft cords

With your staple gun in hand, staple down 2-3 cords per staple. Moreover, be sure you’re stapling onto the halved circle side (the straight-edged part of the wood).

DIY Easy Macrame wall decor

4) Trim and shape the excess craft cord

With the cords laying over the semicircle, use your scissors to cut the cords along the edge of the semicircle.

Pro tip: when you’re cutting the cords, use a heavy book to keep the cords from shifting around. This will help to ensure you’re not cutting a cord shorter than what it should be.

DIY Wood Macrame display

5) The finishing touches

Once you’ve got the cords stapled and sized to make the semicircle full again, hang it up! Use the drill to create a small hole where you can hang your new wall decor piece up.

Don’t have a drill on hand? Another option is to hang it up with command hook strips.

Finally, carefully cut the ends for a cleaner look or, pull the craft cord end frays to add a little flare!

Multi-colored Macrame DIY Wall Decor

Wall Decor Multi-Colored Macrame

What you’ll need- 

  • Craft cord – 6mm (in 2 different colors)
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Scissors
  • Halved wooden circle
  • Drill
  • 2-inch drill bit


1) Check off your supply list

Likewise to the simple wooden macrame, the supplies needed are very similar. However, for the multi-colored macrame, you’ll need 2 different colored craft cords.

We decided to go with baby pink and a cream-colored craft cord.

White Macrame DIY Wall Decor

2) Create a base layer

First, decide which color craft cord will be your base layer. We decided to use the cream-colored craft cord as the first layer.

When it comes to the length of the cords, that’ll depend on the desired look. You can opt for shorter or longer frills. We have the cords at 24 inches to account for minor accidents.

Once you have the desired length figured out, create groups of 3-4 to staple down. Additionally, angle the cords slightly to have them fold them over nicely.

Staple the middle of the cords and then fold over. This will give the wall decor piece more depth and volume.

Macrame DIY wall decor

3) Assemble the top layer

After your first or base layer, assemble the top layer. We used the baby pink craft cord as the top layer because it would add the perfect splash of color to the space.

Repeat the same process of stapling the middle of the cord to the straightedge of the halved circle. Then fold the cords resting on the wooden circle over to add volume.

hanging up macrames

4) Hang it up

Hang up your macrame. You can do so by either using a drill with a 2-inch drill bit a create a small nail hole on the back or by using command hook strips.

In addition, this will give you a better idea of how long the craft cord hangs from the wooden semicircle.

DIY Macrame

5) Trim, trim, trim

Now, it’s time to reveal the base layer. To do so, carefully cut diagonally across only the top layer.

This will expose the base layer color and make the top layer color pop! Plus, this will make the wall decor look more 3-dimension and thus more lively.

To finish this DIY wall decor piece, trim off any frayed craft cord ends. Once that’s done, you’ve got yourself a new and customized wall decor piece!

Rather than spending hundreds on a macrame wall hanger, just make your own for under $35!

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