5 Gallery Wall Ideas to Style Your Living Space

5 Gallery Wall Ideas to Style Your Living Space

Do you have a bare wall in your home that’s begging for art or decor? Then look no further- spruce up the wall with a fresh layer of paint and make it more personalized with a gallery wall!

Here, we’ll cover 5 stylish gallery wall ideas that will bring an upscale, designer look to your living space.

What type of artwork should I use for a gallery wall?

Choose your favorite artwork. It could be family photos, a memorable record album, landscapes, seascapes, florals, or a combination of everything you like.

Furthermore, add visual interest by displaying a wall clock, a small mirror, or a wall shelf along with the framed art.

Should my gallery wall have a theme?

Create a consistent theme as this will help to unify your wall display. Below are a few gallery wall themes to consider.

family gw

Family Photos

Family portraits are a classic and ever-popular theme for a wall display. They not only add a personalized touch to your home, but they help to display some of your favorite people and memories.

One easy way to do this is by having your family photos enlarged and printed on canvas. However, if you’re one who likes to switch things up frequently, then stick with the classic print and picture frame method.

sports wall gallery


If you’re a die-hard sports fan, this one is for you! Cheer on your favorite sports team by framing your favorite players or game-winning moments.

You can also mix things up by pairing them with pictures of sports equipment and team pennants. If you want to display your own trophies or game balls, add a shelf alongside or amidst the photos.

giraffe gw

Animal-inspired Arrangements

This theme is perfect for any animal lover! Create a wall of your favorite animal by including close-ups or action shots of them in their natural state.

Whether it’s a goofy giraffe living its best life or a beautiful close-up photo of your pet, display them proudly in your gallery wall.

Either display a series of one animal or mix it in with other artwork or prints.

vacay wall art

Vacations or Locations

Are you still reminiscing about your favorite vacation locale? Then create a wall as memorable as your trip!

Something to consider is adding shadow boxes because you can store and display all your attraction or transportation tickets and passes.

You could also frame any road maps or brochures of your favorite destinations as well. In addition, install a small shelf to show off souvenirs and small treasures.

black and white gw

Modern Black and White

If you’re looking for a streamlined, modern, and clean display, then this theme is perfect for you! Choose black and white photos, prints, and frames to achieve this look.

To please the viewer’s eye, display the black and white artwork against a brick, stucco, or textured surface. The B&W artwork or photo will really pop against the surface.

What frame types and colors should I use?

  • To achieve a sleek, modern feel, use a black, narrow, square-edge frame.
  • Solid wood frames in warm wood tones emit a traditional and comfortable feel.
  • Ornate picture frames in metallic and neutral finishes give your artwork a sense of importance and history.
  • Hidden frames matched with bold, high-resolution photos printed on canvas are modern and colorful.
  • A combination of medium or small ornate frames, in a variety of colors and shapes, look great in a child’s bedroom.
  • Choose frames in a similar tone and color so each piece will blend and harmonize.

gallery wall ideas

How can I paint my old picture frames?

With frames that are worn or uninspiring, try rejuvenating them with a fresh layer of paint! One easy way to do so is with spray paint.

Here’s a step-by-step on how to restore your old picture frames.

Sand the frame

Start by sanding the frame to provide a prepped surface. This will help to ensure the paint sticks.

  1. Use medium-grit sandpaper (180) to remove the remaining finish. Then use a fine sanding sponge (210) to reach into beveled and detailed areas.
  2. Eventually, remove the sanding dust with a microfiber or tack cloth.
  3. If you cannot remove the image and glass from the frame, then cover the glass with painter’s tape and newspaper.

Tape as close to the inner frame’s edge as possible and cover the glass with newspaper. This will protect from paint splatters.

Apply primer

  1. Take your frame, paint, and cardboard box to a ventilated area. Set the frame on the cardboard box so that you can spray the edges as well.
  2. Once you have everything set up, apply a coat of spray primer.
  3. Then, lightly re-sand the frame with a fine-grit sandpaper.

For best results, apply the primer by moving the can from side to side using smooth, even strokes.

Apply paint

  1. Decide on a paint type because this will determine the finish of the frame. Do you want a shiny or matte finish?
  2. Glossy paint will shine when it’s dry and usually only requires one coat. Whereas matte paint will reflect a minimum amount of light.
  3. If you decide to use matte paint, then you’ll want to apply two coats of paint.

For even coverage,  spray using long, side-to-side strokes.

hanging frames gw

How high should I hang my wall art?

Home improvement expert, Bob Vila, says, “Knowing how high to hang pictures not only improves a room’s aesthetics but guarantees more comfortable viewing, too!”

Hang your photos at or near eye-level because it prevents viewers from having to crane their necks. This allows them to view your artwork comfortably.

How do I arrange artwork to create a gallery wall?

If you are hanging frames horizontally in a row along a wall, place the center of each frame at 57 inches up from the floor. This will help to create a balanced, even look.

However, if you have frames of all sizes, then try this little life hack.

  1. Lay the frames on a sheet of newspaper. Then trace the frame edges with a pen.
  2. Once you have the frames all traced out, cut them out and attach a light adhesive tape to each.
  3. Stick and move each frame accordingly until it achieves the desired aesthetic.
  4. Use the frame’s center point to calculate where to mount the frame hardware. The hanger may be located approximately 1/2 inch to 3-inches below the top of the frame.
  5. Finish hanging up your artwork and frames, and you’ve got yourself a gallery wall!

add plants to your gallery wall

Bonus tips:
  • Add variation to your gallery wall by hanging decorative plates, platters, or memorabilia.
  • Frame your child’s or grandchildren’s artwork to make them feel more at home.
  • Vary frame shapes and dimensions to add interest.
  • Add small indoor plants or hanging plants to add some earthiness.

Do you have a gallery wall or a special theme idea that we should include? Let us know in the comments below!