6 Easy Place Settings for your Thanksgiving Table

6 different DIY Thanksgiving place settings

It’s that time of year again, Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Decorating your table for Thanksgiving can seem tedious and stressful. We’ve simplified this for you with our 6 different table settings.

We used a Cricut to create our place setting cards and a few extra decorations. The Cricut is an easy-to-use machine to cut out and create different decorations from a variety of materials such as paper, vinyl, cardstock, and even leather!

They’re very simple to use but they make for very sophisticated looking decor. Each place setting card can easily be personalized using the Cricut as well. The pen feature on the Cricut is great for writing names on each place cardholder.

Some of the Cricut templates cost extra money, but they also give you the ability to design your own templates using their software as well.

diy-place-settingFor a more simplistic look, this place setting uses an uncomplicated design on the nameplate that can be made very easily using the Cricut. It just requires several different materials: burlap bound to a craft paper, brown glitter cardstock, and the letters are made from thinner cream cardstock.

The table setting is complemented by a Thanksgiving-themed  ‘Bountiful’ water glass. The gold removable vinyl adhesive can be easily be replaced with ‘joy’ or ‘Happy Holidays’ for your December gatherings.

thanksgiving-table-diyThis place setting is a bit more elaborate with the intricate name place holder on the plate. It is decorated with a little greenery to add contrast between the plate and place holder.

Notice the cute mason jar with ‘gobble’, again another removable vinyl adhesive sticker.

diy-table-settingThis feather place setting is perfect for Thanksgiving. The greenery attached to the napkin contrasts well with the cream colors. The name plate cut out and etching was made directly from Cricut’s designs and can be found here.

table-setting-ideasThe napkin ring for this place setting was crafted from a Cricut template. The gold and brown colors in this setting compliment the beautiful fall leaves that adorn the table.

The gold ‘give thanks’ adds another nice themed touch if you’d don’t want to use place holders.

fall-dinner-tableThis place setting is a beautiful way to tie together the foliage of fall with Thanksgiving. The golden leaves make a gorgeous addition to your table setting and go well with the feather decorated glass. These are real leaves we spray painted gold.

fall-table-decorLastly, the feathers attached to this look are very easy to make and add a natural look to your Thanksgiving table. You can use them for place settings and centerpieces which we featured below.

diy-thanksgiving-ideasPaper mache pumpkins, block letters, and feathers are easy to decorate with gold and white spray paint to make an alluring centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. Tea lights can be used to further adorn your table as well.

thanksgiving-pie-diyPies can be easily decorated with word cut-outs from the Cricut too! The template for this funny pun cut out can be found here.


All of these table decorations are inexpensive and will be admired by all of your guests. The modern yet slightly rustic look from this decor is an excellent way to enhance the festive Thanksgiving theme this year.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Finish up prepping your decorations with these quick and easy DIY table decoration ideas!
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Not sure how you want to decorate your table for Thanksgiving this year? Impress your guests with these clever place setting ideas!
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Decorating your Thanksgiving table can be difficult and time consuming. We gathered 6 different place setting ideas for you to use on your Thanksgiving table this year. Our quick and easy tutorials help simplify each place setting option.
Spruce up your Thanksgiving table with these DIY place setting ideas!

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