Beautify your Holiday with these Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Beautify your Holiday with these Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Thanksgiving is almost here, and you’ve got your menu all planned. The right centerpiece is the perfect finishing touch that will bring color to your holiday table, and you don’t need a lot of time or money to make a beautiful holiday centerpiece!

From rustic to modern, read on to see our favorite Thanksgiving centerpieces.

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Candles Lights & Fall Garnish

centerpiece idea

The above fall centerpiece was put together using a few inexpensive items from Hobby Lobby. We already had the candle holders and Christmas lights, so we only picked up the gourds and felt leaves.

The oranges, reds, and yellows give off a warm feeling and the sparkles on the gourds bring it all together. Watch us bring this centerpiece and a few others together from start to finish.

Candles Lights & Leaves


Here’s another version of the previous centerpiece. If you don’t want to purchase gourds, you can still put together a beautiful inexpensive table piece.

Here we used our candle holders, felt leaves, a thick vine, and Christmas lights — all found at our local Hobby Lobby.

Easy Pumpkin Centerpiece

easy centerpiece

This simple centerpiece is made up of a large decorative metal pumpkin shape, a bouquet of fall colored leaves, and a nice caramel colored candle. Can’t get any easier than this, and it looks and smells great!

Tall Candle Centerpiece

centerpiece candles

Here you can really see that a few gourds and a strand of fake leaves are extremely versatile when it comes to switching up your centerpiece. We’ve changed out our size and style of candle for a more intimate setting when the room lights are lowered.

These two candles blast light and the large cylinder holders only accentuate the glow and sparkles on the leaves.

How Can I Do That?

Below are two easy to follow videos on how to make the very same centerpieces as well as cinnamon pumpkin candles.

These homemade candles made from real mini-pumpkins make a charmingly unique addition to your holiday centerpiece. They’re easy and inexpensive to make, and will fill your home with the warm scent of cinnamon when you light them.

Watch our video above for simple step-by-step instructions.

Even More Holiday Centerpiece Ideas

Rustic Thanksgiving Centerpieces

You can easily craft a rustic Thanksgiving centerpiece by incorporating any vintage items you have, such as old wooden bowls or antique cake holders, and filling them with arrangements of fall fruits, flowers, pine cones, and other fall colors.

Here are instructions from HGTV for creating a beautiful rustic Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Citrus and Greens

For a simple, clean look, try this citrus and greens centerpiece from Midwest Living Magazine. Place a beveled mirror in the center of the table and arrange pine cones, evergreen branches, and orange citrus fruits such as tangerines or clementines on top.

Complete the look with several white pillar candles of various heights.

Flower Cornucopia Centerpiece

This centerpiece takes the classic cornucopia that symbolizes Thanksgiving and gives it a modern twist. Instead of The old-fashioned horn of plenty, this is a live cornucopia made with water-soaked floral foam and living flowers, showcased on a silver tray.

This is definitely a show-stopper!

Tiered Thanksgiving Centerpiece

For an eye-catching tiered look, this Thanksgiving centerpiece starts with a tiered cake stand or fruit basket as a base. Click here to see how to use flowers, fruits, vegetables, and florist’s foam to transform your cake holder into a striking holiday centerpiece.

Eye-Catching Orange and White

Orange and white make a beautiful contrast, and they call up warm Thanksgiving memories of pumpkin pie and sweet potato casserole. This welcoming centerpiece incorporates white pumpkins, an orange table runner, and orange bittersweet vine to make this eye-pleasing combination.

Maize and Wheat Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Maize and wheat are traditional symbols of fall’s bounty, and they make perfect elements for a down home-style Thanksgiving centerpiece. Make this super-easy centerpiece by putting some florist’s foam in a galvanized pail, and then adding some wheat and maize on top. Fast, simple and lovely!

For more Thanksgiving decor ideas check out our blog post on Thanksgiving place setting ideas.

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Photo courtesy of Mike Licht.

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Decorating your Thanksgiving table is easy with these DIY centerpieces!
Thanksgiving is almost here! Finish up your Thanksgiving decorating by making one of these easy DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces.