Spice up the Season with these 30 Fall Front Door Ideas

Spice up the Season with these 30 Fall Front Door Ideas

Fall is coming, and it’s time to spice up your décor with crisp fall colors and cool new ideas. Welcome guests to your home with a beautiful fall wreath, a unique pumpkin topiary, or a falling-leaf door mat, and they’ll be ready for the fall festivities!

Read on to discover 30 of the top fall front porch decorating ideas.

Unique DIY Fall Wreaths

best fall wreaths

A beautiful fall wreath is one of the best ways to dress up your front door for autumn. From simple to complex, gourds to fall flowers, our list of favorite DIY fall wreaths has something to suit every taste. Hello, autumn!

  • Budget autumn leaf wreath. This colorful wreath celebrates the season with long-lasting silk autumn leaves. Better yet, it’s inexpensive and easy to make!
  • Fall rag wreath. This wreath is a real break from the usual fall wreath materials. It takes the traditional country-style rag wreath and uses oranges, browns and golds to give it a fall flavor.
  • Fall garland wreath. This super-easy wreath uses pre-strung fall garland to fashion an autumn wreath. It’s fast, easy and frugal.
  • Pumpkin and gourd wreath. This wreath is the epitome of autumn! Use miniature pumpkins and other gourds to fashion some one-of-a-kind fall décor for your front door.
  • Corn husk fall wreath. This gorgeous wreath is crafted from ruffles made of corn husks and ribbons.
  • Mini-pumpkin wreath. This adorable wreath is fashioned of pumpkin-on-a-stick eggplant, which looks like miniature pumpkins. Acorns add an extra autumn accent.
  • Shimmering fall grasses wreath. This autumn wreath takes the traditional fall harvest look and adds some shimmer with a light brushing of multi-toned metallic paints.


Dress up your Door with Fall Pumpkins

best autumn decorating ideas

Pumpkins are the perfect fall decorations. The sight of these gourds brings thoughts of jack o’lanterns, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice latte, and all things autumn.

Check out our list of favorite front door decorations using pumpkins, and click here to get our tips for carving and preserving your best jack o’lantern yet, plus how to make homemade pumpkin spice candles.

  • Colorful pumpkin harvest. This colorful idea from Southern Living Magazine uses multi-colored pumpkins along with pots of purple kale to make a colorful fall entryway.
  • Towering pumpkin topiary. Take your pumpkins vertical with a pumpkin topiary. Create this topiary by layering bay leaf wreaths in between vertically stacked pumpkins, and accent it with colorful plants such as ornamental cabbage.
  • Gather pumpkins. This pumpkin stack is similar to the pumpkin topiary above, but sphagnum moss layered between the pumpkins in place of the bay leaves gives it a different look.
  • Pumpkin cascade. If you have front steps, you can arrange a variety of pumpkins and other gourds in different shapes, sizes and colors in a cascade down the side of the stairs for an eye-catching fall display.
  • Pumpkin patch. To really get into the fall spirit, turn your front porch into a pumpkin patch with pumpkins, gourds, and bales of hay.
  • Mumkin pumpkin planter. This creation combines two autumn mainstays—pumpkins and mums—by fashioning a hollowed-out pumpkin into a planter for your fall mums.
  • Colorful pumpkin house numbers. Display your house numbers on stacked white pumpkins attractive and functional fall décor.


Spruce up your Doorway with a Colorful Fall Container Garden

fall decorations

Summer isn’t the only time to enjoy gardening. An autumn container garden will bring that fall feeling to your front entryway. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Crimson mums and Mexican sage. This beautiful fall container garden lines your front steps with deep red mums paired with purple-blooming Mexican sage and green boxwood plants for a burst of color.
  • Fall “firework.” This striking single-container arrangement combines purple fountain grass, red-blooming lantanas, “Fireworks” gomphrena, and trailing sweet potato vines. The plumes of colorful grasses bursting out of the top give this container garden a firework effect.
  • Fall color container garden. This container garden has plant names and step-by-step instructions for building a container garden with layers of fall jewel tones such as orange, red, gold, and purple.
  • Washtub fall garden with berries. This rustic fall container garden repurposes an old washtub to create an autumn masterpiece of fir branches, wheat stems, and holly.
  • Flowering kale and calla lilies. Colorful flowering kale, flowing calla lilies, and bright yellow billy balls make this autumn container garden a unique treat.


More Stylish Accents

fall front porch decorating ideas

Now that you have the mainstays covered, it’s time to have fun with those extra touches that will make your autumn front door design even more special. Here are some of our favorite fall decorations.

  • Cornhusk garland. This easy-to-make garland is made of sisal rope and colorful Indian corn. It will add a real autumn air to your front door!
  • Autumn broom badge. Fall wreaths aren’t the only autumn centerpieces for your door. This colorful broom badge made of millet, salvia, rose hips, sorghum, and dried hydrangeas will look beautiful on your front door this fall!
  • Fall door knocker accent. Decorate your door knocker with this colorful autumnal door knocker accent made with crookneck gourds and eye-catching foliage.
  • Autumn leaf luminaries. Take advantage of the earlier sunsets with these inexpensive, easy-to-make autumn leaf luminaries made with paper bags, leaf stencils, and votive candles.
  • Corn badge. This rustic decorative badge is made with Indian corn on a burlap base with goldenrod and safflower blooms as accents.
  • The full treatment. This fall front door plan goes all out with corn stalks alongside the door, a garland of fall leaves, an autumn-style hanging basket, and colorful mums.
  • Autumn doormat. This DIY autumn doormat is a cinch to make, and it will greet your guests will falling leaves all season long! (see photo above)
  • Fall accent planter. Planters aren’t just for plants; this planter is in the autumn spirit with miniature pumpkins, polka-dotted bows and metal curlicues.
  • Fall corn garland. This corn garland uses both the colorful corn ears and the corn husks for a multi-textured look.
  • Flower bucket. This rustic take on a vase is a wonderful way to greet your guests with flowers. Hang an antique bucket filled with fall flowers on the door for autumn-in-the-country charm.
  • Budget autumn door décor. You have lots of things to spend your money on this season, from fall sports for the kids, to Halloween costumes, and even early Christmas shopping. Here are some budget autumn decorating ideas for your front door and porch.


Fall is also a wonderful time to paint your front door. A door color change is an easy way to give a big boost to your home’s facade, and a fresh coat of paint will help protect your door from the elements during the coming winter months. Here are some painting tips.


Photos courtesy of DigsDigs, Nellie Hill, Front Porch Ideas and More, scott1346, and Life is a Party.

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