DIY Backyard Wind Decorations

DIY Backyard Wind Decorations

Autumn weather can bring in strong winds throughout the United States. Finding the perfect wind chime or wind spinner that fits your personality can sometimes be difficult. When creating your own wind decoration, you can personalize different elements to suit your liking. Create your own rendition of the DIY wind decorations below and enjoy the views and sounds produced by the windy weather this fall.


For a more rustic look, Domestically Blissful’s antique key wind chime will be the perfect decoration for your yard. All you need is a mason jar, lace, antique keys, twine, a small nail, a hammer and twine. These items can be found lying around your home or by making a quick trip to any local thrift store.  You can even put a candle inside the mason jar to have an illuminated wind chime in the evenings. This antique key wind chime adds a simple and homey look for your backyard.


A great craft to make with the kids is ehow’s fabric windsock. Your kids can personalize their windsock by picking out different fabric patterns for the base of the sock and by choosing a variety of ribbon colors for the tail. The assembly steps listed are quick and easy to follow, making it a wonderful kid-friendly craft. After completing this nifty craft, kids can watch their windsock blow and spin in the wind for many months to come.


Zest is Up’s Copper Wind Spinner is a great ornament to put in your yard. It is durable and will look beautiful with every breeze that passes by. For this DIY project you will need a copper sheet, a wet erase marker, and a pair of tin snips. This wind spinner will twinkle when the sunlight catches it and spin with all of the fall winds. It makes for a nice contrast against the surrounding greenery in your yard or garden.

These creative wind decorations will embellish your yard with movement and sound. You can use them in your backyard, front yard, side garden, and more. They will look stunning and superb catching the wind and the sounds of fall.

(Photos Courtesy of: Joe Shlabotnik, Domestically Blissful, eHow, Zest is Up)