Organize the Backyard for Spring with These Handy How-Tos

Organize the Backyard for Spring with These Handy How-Tos

The weather warms and before you know it, you’re scrambling to organize and clean the backyard for your child’s birthday party or a family potluck.

Organize the backyard, front yard, or any outdoor space with these handy tips and how-tos.

Step One – Gather & Conquer

Gather up stray toys, garden tools and other items lying around the yard and place them in one location. On a picnic table works well. Sort items by type – toys, yard tools, lawn chairs, outdoor pillows, etc.

Look over each item and decide whether to toss, keep, or donate it. For items you want to keep, choose whether to store it outdoors or inside the house.

Get rid of large unused items like a non-working gas grill or a broken patio table by taking them to the dump. Check with your city government to see if they hold ‘free dump’ events.

Some cities host ‘free dump days’ once or twice a year – you’ll be able to dispose of bulky items for free.

Step Two – Storage Options

Place all items designated to be stored outside in a shed, or in outdoor deck boxes, cabinets, etc. A wide range of attractive outdoor storage options are available at home centers and online retailers including –

  • A resin deck box with a patterned wood exterior
  • An all-weather storage bench with padded seating
  • A resin 3-door cabinet with a basket weave exterior and lock system
  • An all-weather, cube-shaped side table with hidden storage under the top

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Garden Organization and Clean-Up

Add mulch to your backyard this spring!

A messy garden full of dead weeds, twigs or fallen branches is an eyesore come spring. Now is the time to weed, prune shrubs, mow, and do a general yard clean-up.

Remove any dead annual plants that stayed in your garden throughout the winter, as these plants will not grow back. It is way easier to remove old growth before it has a chance to get tangled with new growth.

If the area you live in doesn’t pick up lawn debris regularly, check if there are any specific days planned for a spring collection. You can also check if there is a local drop off center you can go to for disposing yard waste.

Spring is also a good time to replenish your mulch, once the soil has been able to dry out and warm up from the winter. Adding a good quality mulch to your garden will help the soil retain moisture and control weeds. Not partial to yard work?

Organize the backyard by hiring a landscape professional to whip the space into shape. A landscaper can also help you plan for any changes you want to make to your current landscaping.

A water hose left strewn across the lawn can be a tripping hazard.  Contain your water hose by wrapping it around a hose reel.

Make sure to get rid of any old garden furniture if it is falling apart or you don’t use it anymore. If you have any broken garden pots, statues, or lawn ornaments, ask yourself if they are worth repairing, or if they could be donated.

If not, throw them out. Broken or unused items are just adding clutter to your backyard.

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Consider a Storage Shed

organize the backyard

If you have the budget and the room, think about adding a shed. Storage sheds are ideal to help organize the backyard and garden.

Sheds and shed build kits are available at home and garden retailers. Or keep an eye on Craigslist to nab a gently-used model.

Storage sheds are excellent for storing power tools, outdoor toys, sports equipment, riding mowers, pool supplies, gardening tools, etc. Sheds are manufactured in vinyl, wood and galvanized steel in a range of sizes including 10-ft x 12-ft, 8-ft x 6-ft, and 12-ft x 24-ft.

A weather-resistant shed will keep your outdoor accouterments sheltered and looking good, longer.

Cleaning the Grill

Spring is the time to spiff up the grill for warm weather cookouts.

Step 1 – Wait until the grill is cool to the touch. Use a grill brush to scrape and brush built-up carbon from the underside of the lid.

Step 2 – Clean the cooking grate and the charcoal grate, removing any leftover food bits and debris left previous use.

Step 3 – Scrape away any debris stuck to the interior walls. Push the debris into the ash catcher and empty it. If you do not have an ash catcher, remove the debris with a gloved hand. Clean grilling tools and store them in a deck box or inside.

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Summer is the time for outdoor family fun – parties, cookouts, reunions, and holiday celebrations take center stage. Organize the backyard, front yard or any outdoor room, and you’ll be relaxed and prepared to host friends and family for the next gathering.

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