Backyard DIY Projects that Won’t Break the Bank

Backyard DIY Projects that Won’t Break the Bank

Summer is finally here! With the kids out of school and summer holidays coming up, odds are you will be hosting plenty of backyard parties this season.

As you think of ways to spruce up your yard and make it more comfortable for your guests, potential costs may be weighing heavily on your mind. The good news is that you don’t need to shell out hundreds to fix your yard.

You can find many fun and inexpensive ways to prepare your backyard for summer and wow your guests.

Fire Pit

diy fire pit

Check out Actually Ashley for awesome DIY projects like this fire pit featured above. There’s a fantastic step by step tutorial from start to finish on a gorgeous fire pit.

A fire pit is essential to a great summer backyard. Lots of people choose to buy a portable, metal version, but nothing compares to one built in the ground with your own two hands. Making a fire pit is easier than you think!

Follow Ashley’s steps and all that’s left is to set some chairs around it to give you and your guests a cozy, comfortable spot to relax on summer nights.

Cinder Block Bench

cinderblock bench

Want to make your home garden feel like a public park? Stack cinder blocks or bricks to create stone benches.

Here’s a fabulous step by step tutorial from the great Zest It Up team. Check out Zest It Up’s site, they include easy to follow directions and nice photos of each bench building step!

When you’re all done, be sure to top your new benches with your favorite cushions and pillows to create comfortable seats for all your backyard BBQ guests!

Wine Tiki Torches

Don’t throw those beer and wine bottles out after finishing them! One creative way to recycle the empty bottles is to convert them to tiki torches.

After some quick preparation and fun sand pouring to hold the wick, your tiki torches are ready to be lit. In addition to giving your yard an elegant flair, DIY tiki torches will also repel pesky insects, keeping your guests happy and comfortable!

Watch our very own step by step tutorial of building your own tiki torches from start to finish!

Tin Can Lanterns

diy lanterns

Why stop at recycling wine bottles? Tin cans can be creatively repurposed for summer décor as well!

Decorate the cans however you like and punch holes in the side to create different patterns and words through which light may escape. Hang them from a tree or set them on a table for a unique, low-cost decoration that will surely draw double-takes from your guests.

Punching holes in the shape of the American Flag on the 4th of July would be an awesome way to celebrate our freedom!

Few things are more satisfying than enjoying a backyard you decorated on your own. Your guests will appreciate your efforts as they luxuriate in the added comfort.

Remember, another way to improve your backyard is to treat it with Wet & Forget Outdoor! Completing these beautiful projects will be for naught if mold and mildew set in, so keep your new amenities clean with Wet & Forget!

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Photos courtesy of Actually Ashley, Zest It Up, Elsie Larson, Gail Lund, Genna Marie, and Holly Mackay.

Refresh your backyard by completing one of these easy DIY projects!