Enjoy the Changing Seasons with These Popular Fall Patio Decorating Ideas

Enjoy the Changing Seasons with These Popular Fall Patio Decorating Ideas

Leaves turn brilliant colors of orange and red. There’s a noticeable chill in the morning air. Aside from an occasional Indian summer day, fall is here! But don’t pack away your summer trappings just yet.  Continue to enjoy your patio, deck or outdoor space with these cozy fall patio decorating ideas.

Backyard Fireplace Options

Add fun and warmth to backyard family time with a crackling fire. Several outdoor fireplace selections are available including chimineas and fire bowls, or DIY your own in-ground fire pit with instructions found online.


Compact and portable, the artfully decorated chiminea originated in Mexico where they were originally used for baking bread. Made of terra cotta, cast iron or metal, chimineas are best known for generating lots of heat from a small fire. Cut small lengths of wood into 9 to 12-inch pieces to fit in the chiminea’s small fire chamber. Or you can purchase pre-cut wood chunks at Lowe’s, Home Depot and other home improvement stores.

Fire pits make a great addition for cool fall nights

Fire Pits or Bowls

Made of high-temperature steel, copper or cast iron, some fire pits come with legs, other sit on the ground. Fire pits can also come with a wire mesh spark screen, log grate and screen lift tool. (Some assembly may be required.) Some fire pits come with a cooking grate as well. Fire pits are great for weenie roasts or toasting marshmallows on a fall evening- remember to remove the mesh spark screen first.

Add an autumn touch to your outdoor space with mums!

fall patio plants

Chrysanthemums– a quintessential sign of fall. It wouldn’t be autumn without cheery pots of mums residing on the front porch or patio aside a plump pumpkin. Mums come in a myriad of colors and flower shapes, complementary to the season including garnet red, golden yellow, burnt orange, deep purple, pink and bright yellow. And their stunning blooms last for weeks with proper care. A few of the most popular varieties include:

‘Autumn Red’ (a deep red with a golden center)

‘Galatino’ (a dark purple, compact bloomer)

‘Linda’ (ivory white flowers)

‘Jessica’ (bright yellow blooms)

‘Warm Megan’ (warm orangey-bronze flowers)

‘Pumpkin Pie’ (bright butterscotch tones)

Choosing a Chrysanthemum

If you enjoy decorating with pumpkins and gourds, choose complementary colors of bronze, creamy white, orange and yellow blooms. To complement your home’s evergreen shrubs, select mums in deep reds, pinks, lavenders and bright white. Pop your nursery potted mums into clay pots and group them together to create a striking visual display.

Look for mums at nurseries, supermarkets, and home improvement stores. Choose a plant with deep green leaves, a few open flowers, and numerous flower buds that are ready to burst with color.

Potted Chrysanthemum Care

Arrange your mums in a location that receives a minimum of 6 hours of direct sun per day. And water lightly, once a day, just until the water flows from the bottom of the pot. (If you lift the pot and it feels light, it may be time to water.) Note: Mums can be picky. If the soil is too dry, the leaves will droop; too wet and the roots may rot.

Decorate Your Patio with Pumpkins

Pumpkins and mums on a hay bale

You know fall has arrived when there are pumpkins on everyone’s porch or patio. Pumpkins are versatile and very easy to decorate with. Place carved or uncarved pumpkins on a hay bale or burlap with a few potted fall mums for a simple fall look. There are also many unique design options for carving pumpkins, but the carved designs often fade within a week. To learn how to keep your carved pumpkin looking great for 4-6 weeks,  click here.

Mini pumpkins always make cute fall decoration centerpieces when bunched together. Did you know they can also be used to make fall candles? Make your own pumpkin candles with our step-by-step tutorial here. These DIY cinnamon candles will make the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor table on a fall evening.

Who knew decorating for fall could be so simple? A quick arrangement of pumpkins and colorful mums are sure to catch the eye of your neighbors. You’ll be set for cool fall evenings by adding a fireplace or pumpkin candles to your outdoor living space. Now that your seasonal decorating is complete, kick back and enjoy a nice warm cup of hot apple cider by the fire.

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Decorate your home for the Fall with these cute Fall decoration ideas.


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