Pumpkin Preservation 2020

Pumpkin Preservation 2020

With Halloween quickly approaching it is the perfect time to carve pumpkins! Yet, pumpkins can fade, mold, and decompose within a few days of carving.

Luckily, we have a solution to this common problem. Using Wet & Forget Ready to Use on your carved pumpkins can preserve them for up to 30 days!


The first step for preserving your pumpkin is to dunk it in a mixture of Wet & Forget concentrate 5:1 with water, and then roll it in the product for three to four minutes. After this, we recommend spraying the pumpkin weekly with Wet & Forget Ready-to-use to upkeep the pumpkin.

Following these simple steps will prevent mold and mildew from growing on the outside and the inside your pumpkin! Wet & Forget will preserve your pumpkins for Halloween, and for many days after.

Check out our video below to see how Wet & Forget preserved pumpkins hold up compared to using other products for preservation!

The Wet & Forget team carved pumpkins and used a few different methods to preserve our pumpkins. After carving the pumpkins, half of our group dunked their pumpkins in Wet & Forget and the other half sprayed it with Wet & Forget Ready-to-use.

To see a live video from our pumpkin carving click here. After this, we sprayed our pumpkins daily with Wet & Forget to fully preserve them. We have discovered those with more intricate designs on their pumpkins have faded faster than those with thicker designs.


We have lost a few pumpkins due to the rainy weather and not putting our pumpkins on hay bales, but we currently had 2 pumpkins holding strong from our initial carve date (September 30th).  Although they are slightly decaying, they still remain mold and mildew free!

Last year we had many Wet & Forget pumpkin preservation submissions on our Facebook page from people across the United States. The submitted pictures show how effective Wet & Forget is in preserving pumpkins.

To read more about our submissions from last year click here.



We have also been working with Adele Z, who preserved pumpkins with Wet & Forget last year. The pumpkin she carved this year is roughly 175 pounds!

We will be posting updates of how her pumpkin, nicknamed Captain Jack, holds up throughout the Halloween season. She initially applied Wet & Forget across the pumpkin and is continuing to spray Captain Jack to upkeep the pumpkin surfaces. Captain Jack has been looking great!

See how we preserved a pumpkin for 41 days with Wet & Forget Ready-To-Use below!

We’re looking at another successful year for pumpkin preservation with Wet & Forget. However, just because the Halloween season is ending soon doesn’t mean you can’t use Wet & Forget to preserve pumpkins for the rest of the fall!

Our preservation will help any Thanksgiving pumpkin decorations be preserved for many weeks. Your backyard will be beautifully decorated with all of your preserved pumpkins!

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