3 DIY Halloween Candle Ideas

3 DIY Halloween Candle Ideas

Candles can be used in a variety of different ways to help light and decorate your home. Now that Halloween is up and coming, you can use candles to decorate anything from jack o’ lanterns to chandeliers.

Although these ideas are very traditional, there are many other options for using candles as Halloween decorations. These top three DIY Halloween candle decorations will set you apart from the traditional Halloween décor found in everyone’s home.

Silhouette Candle Holders

Design Sponge’s DIY silhouette candle holders can make your Halloween décor look artsy and distinctive. There are even free templates available for you to pick from for or you can create your own!

The silhouette candle holders are perfect for adding Halloween decorations to your home that aren’t too over the top, while still looking spooky.

Bleeding Candles


If horror and scary decorations are something you’d love to have in your home, try making popsugar’s bleeding candles. These gory candles can take anyone back at a first glance.

This unique Halloween style is perfect for setting your house apart from your neighbors. Adding tacks or push pins into your candle can make the candles look even more creepy!

Gothic Halloween Candles


Try using something simple with Martha Stewart’s eerie candlestick display. These gothic Halloween candles are very easy to set up with just two easy steps.

All you need to obtain is matte gray spray paint, candles, and coat columns for a wedding cake. The gothic candles can give off a spooky yet sophisticated look for your home this Halloween.

All of these Halloween candle ideas can suit anyone’s décor style. From spooky to gory, to artsy, they would all make a superb addition to your home this season.

Each DIY candle decoration is simplified into a few steps without many materials needed. With Halloween quickly approaching these candles are a quick way to finish up decorating your house for this year’s celebration.

(Photo Courtesy of Surfergirl30, Johnny Miller, Sarah Lipoff)