Unique DIY Halloween Decorations

Unique DIY Halloween Decorations

Seeing the same old Halloween decorations every year can get old very fast and be irritating. Luckily, we have found new creative DIY Halloween decorations for you to use in and around your home.

Trick-or-treaters will love the new additions to your home with these decorations. The best part is that you can make them at home, instead of wasting your money on factory-produced décor.

Pet Themed Pumpkin Carving

If your pet refuses to wear a costume for Halloween, that doesn’t mean they can’t be involved with your celebration of this holiday! Jack o’ lanterns are the perfect way to showcase your furry friends for this year’s Halloween.

For the dog lovers out there, Better Homes and Gardens has free stencils for you to use on your jack o’ lanterns so you can carve a close template of your dog onto a pumpkin. They have stencils for a great variety of dog breeds on their website, from Great Danes to Chihuahuas.

For those who love cats, Better Homes and Gardens also has free cat stencils for you to carve onto pumpkins as well. They also include many different breeds of cats, so your cat won’t be left out of your Halloween decorations. They even include a stencil of mice to carve into a pumpkin to sit next to your cat’s pumpkin.

Learn how to preserve your jack-o’-lantern this fall on our blog post here.

witch-hatsIlluminated Witch Hats

Illuminated witches’ hats are an eerie decoration that Polka Dot Chair has come up with. These floating hats are a tad bit more complex, but the result is worth it.

Supplies for this project are easy to obtain and will make your house look even spookier. They can be used indoors or outdoors and will leave people in awe of how you managed to create these DIY illuminated witches’ hats.

DIY Halloween Terarrium

Spooky Terrarium

Another unique idea for to use for Halloween decorations is Today’s Creative Life’s spooky terrarium.  The supplies for this DIY Halloween themed terrarium can be found in a local craft store.

One of the best things about creating your own Halloween themed terrarium is that the options are endless. You can add different spooky decor inside your terrarium to personalize the look of your decoration.

Terrariums are a great decoration for an end table or on a mantle. This DIY Halloween terrarium is the perfect place to use moss as a decoration, but having moss around your home is not ideal.

No one actually wants moss covering the outskirts of their homes. If you have moss problems around your house, remove it now with Wet and Forget Outdoor!

Saturating your moss with Wet and Forget Outdoor will make it brown up and disappear. Let the only moss by your house be in a small terrarium, not coating the roof.

(Photo courtesy of Melissa MortensonKim)

Looking for new Halloween decorations this fall? Try out one of these clever DIY Halloween decor ideas!