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Pumpkin Preservation 2020

With Halloween quickly approaching it is the perfect time to carve pumpkins! Yet, pumpkins can fade, mold, and decompose within a few days of carving. Luckily, we have a solution to this common problem. Using Wet & Forget Ready to Use on your carved pumpkins can preserve them for up to 30 days! The first step for preserving your pumpkin is to dunk it in a mixture of Wet & Forget concentrate 5:1 with water, […]

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2015 Wet & Forget Pumpkin Preservation Challenge Roundup

You carve your best pumpkin every Halloween and then, before you know it, your masterpiece turns to moldy mush. We wanted to see if Wet & Forget could keep your pumpkin mildew-free and gracing your front porch for longer than bleach or other preservation methods. Wait until you see the results of our Great Pumpkin Challenge! The Goal: Long-Lasting Jack O’ Lanterns Our participants in the Great Pumpkin Challenge all carved their pumpkins the first […]

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See the Best Pumpkin Preservation Trick

You spend all that time and effort making your jack o’lantern look just the way you want it, only to have poor Jack turn into a mildewy mess before Halloween even gets here. Don’t let your pumpkin carving skills go to waste! We tested 5 different methods for preserving jack o’lanterns, and one method turned out to be the clear winner. Read on to see the time-lapse video of our results, and to score a […]

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