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Stay on Track with These 6 Key Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Summer is the perfect time for cookouts and vacations, but if you let things go on the home maintenance front you could wind up with expensive repairs that could leave you stuck at home. Read on for key tips on solving 6 issues that crop up during the summer, from deck problems to leaky basements, so you can get back to having fun! 1: Wet Basement All of those summer thunderstorms can lead to a […]

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Check your Home for Hidden Storm Damage and Protect your Investment

It’s that time of year when some pretty violent storms come rolling through a lot of the country, sometimes causing devastating flooding or even tornadoes that tear out trees and level buildings. But even homes that seem to come through things pretty much unscathed can have damage that goes unnoticed and can lead to problems down the road. If your home developed a water leak or a rain gutter problem during the last storm, leaving […]

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