5 Key Tips for the Perfect End-of-Summer Celebration

5 Key Tips for the Perfect End-of-Summer Celebration

Summer is drawing to a close, so it’s time to savor the sunny afternoons and long, warm evenings. If you’re planning one last summer blowout, we’ve got the info you need to make your get-together the ultimate send-off.

From delectable recipes, to easy DIY methods for styling up your outdoor space, to all-natural remedies for keeping the bugs away, the Wet & Forget team’s got you covered!

Read on to get our 5 key tips, and have a blast!

1. Welcome Your Guests with a Comfy, Cozy Outdoor Space

The first step to getting your party off on the right foot is making sure that all of your guests will be as comfortable as Moosie here, in the photo above. Friends who feel comfortable are ready to relax, stay awhile and have fun, and making your outdoor space cozy is the perfect way to make it happen.

Click here for information on frugal methods for making your outdoor living area cozy, including instructions for a cool DIY garden canopy and romantic candle wall.

2. Take your Outdoor Décor to the Next Level

Most of us have some stylish touches such as a planter or two, but extra decorative flair outdoors can really allow your personality to shine through and add some pizzazz to your party.

Click here for ideas ranging from rustic mason jar lanterns, to elegant garden statues, to the perfect fire pit to gather around far into the night.

And if you’d like to add soothing sounds as well as beautiful sights to your outdoor ambience, consider adding a water feature and a water garden. Remember, water features don’t have to be big, elaborate affairs; they can also be small, quick, and inexpensive ways to add life and personality to your garden.

3. Tempt their Tummies with Wings, Burgers & Margaritas

Of course, you can’t have the perfect party without the perfect eats, and nothing says “summer” like a cookout. Click here for two of the most scrumptious burger recipes ever to hit the grill, two mouth-watering grilled chicken recipes, a delicious sponge cake that’s free of any frosting that would melt in the outdoor heat, and a recipe for the perfect margarita.

For the ultimate finger food, click here to score amazingly delicious hot wing recipes, from classic Buffalo wings, to super-spicy Sriracha wings, to sticky-sweet maple-chipotle wings. Yum!

Need more dinner ideas? Check out our post on summer alfresco dining!

4. Keep those Bugs at Bay!

Besides a sudden natural disaster, there aren’t many things that can put the brakes on an outdoor party faster than a swarm of hungry mosquitoes or annoying gnats. But not everyone wants to use commercial chemical products to keep from becoming dinner for mosquitoes or other flying critters.

Click here for 7 natural mosquito repellents, and click here for 5 natural ways to keep away mosquitoes and gnats.

Click here for tips on keeping yourself and your guests safe from other outdoor pests, so everyone can spend their time enjoying themselves instead of looking for the first aid kit.

5. Got a Pool? Clean it up with Wet & Forget Outdoor

If you have a pool, you know how much of a blast end-of-summer pool parties are. Unfortunately, you also know how difficult it is to keep your pool and the area around it free of growth.

Not anymore! Wet & Forget Outdoor eliminates that ugly, slimy green algae at the water line, the black algae on the pool surround or diving board, the moss, lichen, mold and mildew on your poolside deck, and even ugly growths on the outer sides of your above-ground pool.

Best of all, Wet & Forget outdoor gets the job done with no scrubbing, bleaching or power washing needed, and won’t disrupt your pool’s pH! Simply spray and forget about it!

Click here for more information.


Celebrate summer in style!

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Make your end of summer celebration a huge hit by following these quick tips!