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5 Key Tips for the Perfect End-of-Summer Celebration

Summer is drawing to a close, so it’s time to savor the sunny afternoons and long, warm evenings. If you’re planning one last summer blowout, we’ve got the info you need to make your get-together the ultimate send-off. From delectable recipes, to easy DIY methods for styling up your outdoor space, to all-natural remedies for keeping the bugs away, the Wet & Forget team’s got you covered! Read on to get our 5 key tips, […]

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April Showers… Clean your Roof? With Wet & Forget Outdoor, Yes!

The rhyme says that April showers bring May flowers, but did you know that they can also clean your roof? With Wet & Forget Outdoor, they can! Wet & Forget Outdoor works with the wind and rain to eliminate moss, lichen, green algae, black algae, and mold and mildew with no scrubbing needed. Just spray and leave, and let the April showers and Wet & Forget Outdoor do all the work for you! While you’re […]

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