End of Summer Alfresco Dinner Ideas

End of Summer Alfresco Dinner Ideas

As summer is coming to a close it’s a great time to have one last hoorah with an end of summer alfresco dinner. Enjoying the last fresh foods of summer is always the best when done with family and friends!

Spending time outside appreciating the limited days of summer left is the ideal way to end a beautiful summer and prep for future months. Here are a few recipes that can help you pull that final summer dinner party together.

Start off the night with Bon Appétit’s trendy frosé drink recipe. This drink upgrades rosé into a new frosty summer favorite.

This beverage makes a great alternative to the ordinary frozen margarita. Frosé is the perfect way to cool off after soaking in the last few rays of the summer.

Chef Jamie Oliver’s watermelon feta salad is the perfect way to stay refreshed at the end of summer. The tangy feta cheese adds a salty savory flavor to the sweet juicy watermelon. This watermelon feta salad is light but flavorful.

Use this quick recipe as a great appetizer or side salad for your alfresco dinner party.


Kick things up a notch with kitchn’s spicy chicken skewers with a sun dried tomato sauce. These skewers are a great way to fire up your grill one last time this summer.

The spice-filled marinade paired with the sun dried tomato sauce creates a great dish to share with friends and family.


End your alfresco dinner party with Taste of Home’s chocolate orange brownies. The bright orange flavor can turn any chocolate brownie into a complete summertime hit.

For an extra decorative touch, you can add dried candied orange slices on top of the brownies to create a new color profile. The combination of the orange flavor with the semi-sweet chocolate in these brownies can help give you a boost of antioxidants to prepare for the upcoming fall weather.

Prepping for fall weather can involve last-minute cleanup of your backyard, porch, and deck. Wet & Forget Outdoor can solve any moss, mold, mildew, and algae problems leftover from the summer.

So whether you clean before or after your alfresco dinner party, this product is the solution that you’ll need.

Thinking of throwing an alfresco dinner party soon? Try one of these easy and delicious summer recipes!

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