Get Wet & Forget Shower Today, and Enjoy a Grime-Free 2021!

Get Wet & Forget Shower Today, and Enjoy a Grime-Free 2021!

A new year is all about refreshing your life, and leaving behind any dead weight you carried around the year before. This could mean breaking bad habits and starting healthy ones, freshening up your home’s look, or starting a new hobby.

While you’re clearing away the unwanted junk from your life, why not start by saying goodbye to soap scum and other shower gunk? Wet & Forget Shower dissolves away soap scum, body oils, grime, and mold and mildew stains with no scrubbing needed.

One weekly application is all it takes to get a fresh, sparkling-clean shower, and keep the mess from coming back. Try Wet & Forget Shower today, and leave shower grime behind in 2020!

Read on to see how.

Stop Soap Scum in its Tracks

Without a doubt, soap scum is one of the worst things about cleaning your bathroom. It grabs on to glass, fiberglass, tiles, porcelain, bathroom fixtures, and even shower curtain liners.

This leaves them looking ugly and dull and feeling rough and disgusting. Soap scum’s iron grip makes it very difficult to remove. It can leave you scrubbing until you’re a sweaty, frustrated mess.

Wet & Forget Shower wipes out soap scum with no scrubbing. Wet & Forget Shower’s dual-surfactant formula starts working on contact to dissolve soap scum, so you can simply rinse it down the drain.

It’s that easy! No wonder so many people who tried Wet & Forget Shower couldn’t wait to let us know how much they loved their results.

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Eliminate Mold and Mildew Stains

The wet environment in your bath or shower can be the perfect home for mold and mildew growth. Wet & Forget Shower eliminates ugly mold and mildew stains with no scrubbing, and without the need for caustic, smelly bleach.

Wet & Forget Shower’s gentle chemistry cleans mold and mildew stains without harming your shower’s fixtures, fiberglass, grout, tile, or other surfaces.* It’s even gentle enough to use on your shower curtain liner!

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Say Goodbye to Oils and Grimes

Every time you use your shower, the body oils and grime that you wash away accumulate on your shower’s surfaces. Over time, this can lead to an ugly, slippery film that just doesn’t want to come off.

Wet & Forget Shower’s dual-surfactant formula attacks oils and grime, so you can rinse them down the drain and out of your life. Put away your scrub brush, and leave the grime behind!

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A Sparkling-Clean Shower couldn’t be easier!

You love your shower when it sparkles, and you want to avoid it when it’s suffering from soap scum, oils, grime, or mold and mildew stains. Making your shower sparkle and keeping it that way is a breeze with Wet & Forget Shower.

Just spray once a week, and you’re done! With Wet & Forget Shower, you can say goodbye to scrubbing, bleaching, or spraying your shower every day, like with other no-scrub shower cleaners.

Better yet, Wet & Forget Shower’s subtle vanilla essence scent smells more like a scented candle than a shower cleaner, and Wet & Forget Shower keeps your shower clean at about one-third the cost of the average daily shower spray.

No wonder people are raving about Wet & Forget Shower!

*As with any shower cleaner, test Wet & Forget Shower on an inconspicuous area before using it for the first time. Do not use Wet & Forget shower on natural marble.


  1. sally

    What is the date that is stamped on container on back label. Is it a buy by this date stamp or a much date or expiration date. Thank you

    1. Wet And Forget

      Hi Sally,

      Wet & Forget products have an unlimited shelf life so they’re always good to use. The date on our bottles is the date of manufacture. Let us know if you have any other questions.