Eliminate Soap Scum Effortlessly with Wet & Forget Shower!

Eliminate Soap Scum Effortlessly with Wet & Forget Shower!

Soap scum has to be one of the most annoying substances ever invented. And while taking showers means that you have to deal with soap scum, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to fight a sweaty, frustrating battle that involves noxious chemicals and scrubbing.

With Wet & Forget Shower, just spray and rinse, and that’s it! Wet & Forget Shower’s gentle formula dissolves away soap scum and shower grime with no elbow grease required.

Read on to find out the top 4 things that make eliminating soap scum with Wet & Forget Shower such a cinch!

1. Say Goodbye to Scrubbing

Scrubbing your tub or shower is a real pain. You bend, stretch and twist around trying to reach every corner where soap scum has invaded, and pretty soon you’re sweaty, frustrated, and even grimmer than the shower.

If your shower has grout or other small, hard-to-reach areas, your job is even more difficult and headache-inducing. Then, before you know it, the soap scum comes creeping back and it’s time to do it all over again.

With Wet & Forget Shower, you can kiss scrubbing goodbye! Wet & Forget Shower’s dual-surfactant formula is designed to dissolve soap scum and shower grime while you sleep, so you can break free from scrubbing.

Just spray and rinse. It’s that easy! Click here for instructions.

2. One Simple Weekly Application

Most no-scrub shower cleaners require you to spray your shower every single day in order to get results. Who has time for that?

Wet & Forget Shower keeps your shower sparkling-clean with just one easy application, once a week. Better yet, our award-winning high-efficiency sprayer is so easy to use, you’ll be finished spraying your shower and back to enjoying your life before you know it.

Just spray once weekly, and forget about it.  Cleaning your shower couldn’t be easier!

3. No Mean, all Clean

Most shower cleaners contain harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia. These chemicals can chap your hands as you scrub, and sting your eyes and nose as you scrub or spray.

Some no-scrub shower sprays contain chemicals that are even caustic enough to permanently damage your shower, like what happened to Teresa’s shower fixtures (click here to see a photo of the damage).

Wet & Forget Shower uses gentle chemistry to dissolve away soap scum and shower grime without harming your shower. Wet & Forget Shower is safe to use on all of your shower’s surfaces, from glass to porcelain, grout, fixtures, fiberglass, and even the shower curtain liner.*

4. Vanilla Breezy!

Not only is Wet & Forget Shower gentle on your shower–it’s also gentle on your nose. You don’t have to suffer through an eye-stinging chemical cloud to get a clean shower anymore!

Wet & Forget Shower’s soothing vanilla essence scent smells more like an aromatherapy candle than a shower cleaner. No one will know that you just cleaned your shower!

Our vanilla essence scent is also subtle enough that people who are sensitive to smells have contacted us to tell us how thrilled they are that Wet & Forget Shower’s subtle scent doesn’t bother their sensitive noses.

Now you can pamper your nose while you clean your shower!

*As with any shower cleaner, test Wet & Forget Shower on an inconspicuous area before using it for the first time. Do not use Wet & Forget shower on natural marble.

Photo By David Hunter

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