See How Sue & Christine Used Wet & Forget Products To Treat Pesky Stains!

See How Sue & Christine Used Wet & Forget Products To Treat Pesky Stains!

Christine and Sue were having a difficult time cleaning their outdoor surfaces and shower until they found Wet & Forget. Before Wet & Forget, they tried other cleaning regimens that were too labor-intensive and left a foul smell.

Christine used to dread cleaning; moss and mold would build up at least twice a year on her Trex® deck. Cleaning became a whole day’s project for her. Christine would have to scrub, rinse, and repeat with bleach-based products in order to see any improvement on her deck.

She purchased Wet & Forget Outdoor and applied it to her Trex®, patio stones, vinyl siding, and gutters. There was no comparison to how easy it was for Christine; she hasn’t cleaned her deck in two years!

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Wet & Forget Results on Trex Composite Decks

Sue’s white picket fence turns green in the summer. With a hose and a bucket of soap and water, it would take her almost an entire day to scrub off the green algae.

Once Sue found Wet & Forget Outdoor, it changed her entire cleaning routine. She applied Wet & Forget onto her fence with a pump sprayer and the mold was gone within a week!

“What I LOVE is that it doesn’t smell terrible, the ease of application, and it’s very economical. I could put in the pump-up sprayer, spray my deck and railings and literally wet it and forget it and over time nature took care of it.” -Christine S.

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Before using Wet & Forget Shower on fiberglass shower stall

Both Christine and Sue sprayed Wet & Forget Shower on their fiberglass shower/tub. Before their next shower, they rinsed it down leaving the fiberglass smooth with a hint of vanilla.

They apply it once a week to avoid the build-up of soap scum and avoid buying products that leave behind caustic fumes. Now that Christine and Sue use this weekly shower spray, they haven’t had to scrub their shower in years.

“Keeps your tub and shower clean without all the scrubbing and abrasive products, you just spray it and forget it and it keeps your tub looking nice.” -Susan G.

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After cleaning fiberglass shower stall with Wet & Forget Shower

Save time and effort like Sue and Christine with Wet & Forget Outdoor & Shower! Stop by our website to learn more about our easy solutions to everyday problems so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying life!


  1. Jan Castle

    I just used Wet And Forget for the first time this morning on some vertical concrete blocks. They do not get exposed to the elements because they are under a carport. How long do I leave the Wet And Forget on before I hose off – or do I not hose off?? Thank you.

    1. Wet And Forget

      Hi Jan,
      If the surfaces you’re applying Wet & Forget on do not receive rainfall, you’ll have to help along the process with water from a hose. I would wait about a week and then periodically you can take a hose on rinse the surface on a jet setting. Each time you do this, it will act as rainfall and help remove some of the dead growth.